Actress Angelina Tudor shares her upcoming role in the Fairytale Villian’s Series 


What do you enjoy most about acting?

As an Actress, I enjoy being in the spotlight and showcasing my hidden talents for the arts.

You have your sights on horror. Tell us about your recent work. What excites you about horror? 

What excites me the most about horror is the thrill of imagining what can happen next and being able to make that vision come true for others. 

Tell us about your success in modeling and how it led you to act. 

My experience with modeling that led me to the desire to act. I have also been on stage starting at a young age with pageants, and it was through that I grew to love being in the spotlight.


What are your strengths as an Actress? 

Some of my strengths are my ability to memorize multiple things at once, my stage presence from my experience has also helped to strengthen my acting skills. My determination and dedication to each and every role I step into is another one of my strengths.

What genres interest you? 

Some of my top favorite genres are horror, and dance films. I have danced since age three and I have watched horror films and loved the thrill of trying to predict what would happen next.

What roles would stretch your acting abilities?

 All roles will help to expand my acting abilities. Being able to engulf myself in the vision of the director can enhance any emotions.


 Do you have upcoming projects? 

I am currently still working on my Villain’s Series and soon have an upcoming modeling expo. 

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Instagram: @angelinatudor_ modeling

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Author: Jules Lavallee

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