Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Adam J. Rubinstein- VIP Treatment to the Stars

Virtual Awards Shows and Hollywood Events are in full swing. What are the trends for plastic surgery? 

For things like award shows and special events, less is more. Injectables are always very popular since there is virtually no sign of them having been done. Other discreet treatments like non-invasive and minimally invasive options are also popular. These days we have a lot of options to firm skin, make your skin glow and even firm up muscles without surgery.

Fat Grafting is popular among celebs. Can you tell us more? 

Fat grafting is another very discreet option. It is all natural and gives nice results whether it’s being used install amounts on the face or larger amounts in the breasts or buttocks, it results in soft, natural looking results without anything artificial. What could be more natural than your own fat?

 You offer a luxury travel package that gives VIP treatment to celebs. What can they expect? 

All of our traveling patients are treated with white gloves, not just celebrities. We provide whatever a patient needs from plane reservations, to transportation in Miami, to hotel reservations, and of course, personalized and attentive surgical care.

What do you enjoy the most when working with your celeb clients? 

Most celebrities have a very good idea of their goals. They typically have one thing in mind that they are trying to achieve. I’ve found my celebrity patients to be very real and down to earth as well. They are, after all, people too.

What are the popular non-surgical treatments? 

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There are SO MANY!! Of course, Botox and injectables are the most popular treatments. There are also lots of light, laser and energy treatments that people love. The latest options are ways to tighten skin and firm up muscles without surgery, completely non-invasive.

What new topics can we see on your Instagram show, “# ItsNotAllTheSame” Series in the upcoming months?

The #ItsNotAllTheSame series is a campaign I started to educate people about making safe choices in cosmetic surgery and procedures. There are a lot of crazy things going on out there. I try to poke fun at some of the ridiculous things I see while getting the message across about how to say safe, mostly by what to avoid. I’ve got a few new videos we are producing, but I don’t want to spill the tea just yet. Our latest one is really good though. It’s about mail-order plastic surgery. You can check it out in my IG @drrubinstein It’s called “NEW ME NOW”. You can even call the number to order your very own “NEW ME NOW”! Just dial 1-855-NEW ME NOW It’s one of our funniest videos ever! 

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