Marrying Millions: Katie and Kolton

Marrying Millions promises to be the next big reality hit on TV. Set to premiere on Lifetime on July 10, the show focuses on couples where one person is rich and the other one is not. Their relationships are scrutinized and put to the test as they face the obstacles of coming from two different worlds and living different lifestyles. 

Katie and Kolton are one of the couples featured on the show. Katie was previously married to former baseball player Josh Hamilton. She had not dated or been in a relationship since, and had been single for twenty years before meeting 23-year-old Kolton. The two met through her daughter at a party, hit it off and before long ended up in a relationship. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, the two discussed what it was like to be on the show, as well as some fun facts about themselves. Below are some of the highlights from our chat. 

1. Katie was initially asked to do the show via an Instagram DM. Initially, she turned it down because the two of them had just begun dating and were not interested in having it shown on camera. However, she discussed it with Kolton and they both eventually came around to the idea. They joined the show later than the other couples, but soon caught up to filming their story.

2. Filming the show came with its own set of challenges. The biggest challenge for Katie was getting used to the idea of actually dating again. She hadn’t done so in twenty years, so she had to basically relearn what it was like to be in a relationship again. For his part, Kolton’s biggest challenge was getting used to filming. He said that it took some time, but eventually he got used to the cameras and sharing his relationship for TV.

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3. So how did filming impact their relationship? While they could not give away too much of what happened, they both revealed that they were able to learn a lot about each other. They were also able to become closer to one another, but you will have to tune in to see what that means!

4. During the interview, Kolton and Katie each shared some fun facts about themselves. Kolton revealed that he was adopted at the age of seven and even got to pick his first name. His full name is Kolton Reece Pierce. He also admits to being an introverted extrovert.

5. Katie also admits to being an introverted extrovert. She is also a huge fan of cooking and loves to rap in her spare time. She has also moved 40 times since age 20 and  was a cheerleader on Dawson’s Creek in High School. 

Marrying Millions premieres July 10 on Lifetime. Check your local listings for showtimes. 

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