Derek Magyar Chats with TVGrapevine

Derek Magyar Chats with TVGrapevine

Derek Magyar Chats with TVGrapevine

2023 has been filled with a lot of talented people. Despite two strikes, the entertainment industry has been working overtime at making sure the masses are entertained at all times.


One of the standout actors of the year is Derek Magyar. Known for his work in the 2006 film Boy Culture as X, he recently brought the character back to life for a new series called Boy Culture: Generation X. Derek returns as X as the series picks up years after the movie ends…..and shows how the sex industry has changed since.


In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Derek revealed that he was thrilled bring X back to life. He admits that bringing the series to fruition was a long time coming, but he was thankful that he was asked to reprise the role and that it all came together for him, timing wise.


However, taking on the role didn’t come without challenges. Since each episode told a different story, he had to find a way to stay as ‘honest and grounded’ as possible in each one, especially since some episodes were more serious than others. “They are kind of all over the map, and I just wanted to be as authentic as I possibly could,” he admitted.


One thing that helped? He was able to relate to X on some levels. Derek says that he sees X as someone who has vulnerabilities that he sometimes shields, which is something that he admits to doing in his own life. He also shares that the two of them have a similar sense of humor and way of loving others. The latter will be seen in X’s relationship with Andrew as the series progresses….but you will need to tune in to see what that means!

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So what else is Derek up to these days? He has several projects in the works, including writing, directing and producing….as well as keeping up with the acting. While he could not give too much away, all of these projects promise to showcase his talent in many ways!


Thanks for the wonderful chat, Derek!

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