Jay Tudor from Stand-up Comedy to Acting


What is it about acting that moves your soul? 

I find it fascinating to try and get into someone else’s mind momentarily; however, I think I feel truly motivated by the idea of getting to be a part of a creation that’s bigger than myself.

You’ve had a lot of success in pageants. Tell us about your experience. 

Well, I don’t really remember it all that well because I was so young – everybody loved me, I know that – but I do remember that my talent was stand-up comedy, and it was there that my mom taught me how to perform on-stage.

What is it about being on stage that you enjoy the most? 

Being distantly loved by hundreds of people I don’t know.

Share your strengths as an Actor. How do you prepare for roles? 

I like to look at the information on the character and define the character in my mind, then build up their design from there: mannerisms, the way they walk, etcetera. I also really find it important to get feedback from others, usually fellow actors.

Do you have favorite genres? 

Recently I find interest in film noir, but in general I’ve been getting into more gritty, dark films.

What are your plans for 2021?

This year, I simply just want to contribute to a story.

How can we reach you? 

I have a Snapchat at retro8-bit and my email is  jaytheowl.83@gmail.com 


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