Breakthrough Star Lisa Durupt Interviewed

Lisa Durupt is a familiar face for those who watch the Hallmark Channel. She has been in several movies for the channel, including Reunited At Christmas and The Perfect Catch, both with Nikki Deloach. 

Now the  Heartland alum is taking on a very different kind of role, one that will not only put her on the map, but make her one of the most memorable actresses of the year. The new mom is starring in the much talked about movie Breakthrough,  which stars This is Us’s Chrissy Metz and That 70s Show alum Topher Grace. In the movie, she plays Paula Noble, the wife of Pastor Noble (Grace). The two are part of a community where a mother is praying for the life of her young son,  who drowned in a lake.  

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine,   Lisa talked about her role in the movie, which is based on a true story.  She said it was interesting to take on a role of a real person because she wanted to do the role justice. She had followed the real life news story as it happened,  but had no idea that Paula existed as a silent pillar in the community. She then realized that she was the one quietly taking care of everyone, especially her family. The more she learned about Paula (through research and Paula’s real life husband, whom she got to meet), the more she admired her and realized what a strong woman she was,  one she hopes to be like and raise her daughter to be.  For her, it was an honor to be told by the real Pastor Noble that she did a great job portraying Paula. 

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So what’s next for Lisa?  She is actually on a brief hiatus so she can work on her latest and favorite role of all…MOMMY!  Lisa recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and loves every moment of being a mom. She plans to go back to work soon, but right now,  her family is her main and biggest priority. 

Breakthrough premieres in theaters on April 17th.

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