Big Brother All Stars Recap for 9/16/2020: POV # 6

Tonight is a special edition of Big Brother. Due to an awards show being aired tomorrow night, the POV competition was aired a day early.


As we learned on Sunday, Dani is the POV and put Kevin and David on the block. However, she has no idea he has the power that allows him to be taken off the block. He plays dumb and upset to throw everyone off for the time being.


Cody and Enzo want to keep the nominations as is so that they can keep Tyler as their protector.


Dani and Christmas also play dumb about their powers.


David unleashes his Disruptor power, which sends Dani into a panic. It is announced that David is saved and Dani needs to choose another nominee. David pretends to be crying shocked, happy tears and Dani puts Tyler on the block.


Cody is upset with this turn of events, while Kevin worries about the veto competition.


Everyone figures out David used his power and are annoyed with him asking around about who used it on him. Da’Vonne thinks he should be bragging about it.


Tyler is mad that Dani put him on the block. She tells him he is safe, but he doesn’t believe her.


Christmas is also upset with Dani when she tells her that she or Memphis might be backdoored. She wonders why them and not others like Ian.


Dani, Kevin, Tyler, Da’Vonne, Ian and Enzo are playing for the POV. Dani wants Da’Vonne to win so the nominations stay the same. She promises not to shake them up.

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Everyone is determined to win this competition, which is to stack microbrew cans in a pyramid using giant tweezers. It is frustrating for all of them, especially Tyler, who knocks it down right before he finishes.


In the end Da’Vonne wins, much to Dani’s relief. She talks to Kevin, who wants to be saved, but Da’Vonne is afraid of their alliance being brought to light. When she discusses this with Dani, she pretends there is no alliance, but that keeping him will work in their favor.


Christmas thinks Ian or Enzo should replace Kevin. Dani doesn’t want to do this, but also wants to keep her alliance.


Dani decides to backdoor Ian, upsetting Cody, who refuses to evict Tyler. Now Dani is upset because she wants to keep Ian.


Nicole gets wind of the plan and is upset over it. Dani decides she wants Da’Vonne to keep Kevin on the block and makes empty promises to make her agree. Da’Vonne is having none if it and uses her POV. This leads to Ian being put on the block and Kevin being taken down.


Dani says she plans to evict Tyler, but we will see if that happens Thursday. Stay tuned!

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