Big Brother All Stars Recap 9/6/2020: Who Is On The Block?

Tonight was the beginning of week five on CBS’s Big Brother All Stars. On Thursday, we saw Kaysar get eliminated and Christmas become HOH. It is a new week of drama, challenges and competition as the house heats up!


Dani is ANGRY over Kaysar’s speech from last week, while Cody tries to do damage control. The Slick Six seems to be over and everyone is angry over what went down at the HOH competition.


Meanwhile, Christmas is trying to figure out who to put on the block. Due to her various alliances, it is slim pickings. She has her eyes on Da’Vonne and Bayleigh, epseically since Bayleigh told her Da’Vonne is one of her untouchables.


However, Enzo points out the pros and cons of getting rid of Dani and Ian, leaving Christmas rethinking her decision.


BB Basement time! They must find three power icons and fit it into an empty space to obtain said power…in the dark. David wins the Disruptor power, even though at one point he could have had another but changed his mind about taking it and putting it into the right space.

Dani finds the Replay piece, while Christmas finds the Blocker piece. Both fit it into the right space.


Christmas is secretive about it, but ends up sharing with Tyler. Her power allows her to save herself or another nominee from becoming a replacement nominee over the next three weeks.


Dani shares her power with Nicole, which allows for back to back HOH for herself or someone else over three next three weeks.

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David tells nobody about his power, which is to secretly save a nominee over the next three weeks.


Dani talks to Bayleigh, who asks her if she wanted her and Da’Vonne on the block. Dani says she thought they were after her because they weren’t talking to her that day. Enzo comes in and Bayleigh asks if the rumors were true about Dani wanting her and Da’Vonne on the block. Enzo confirms this, upsetting Dani.


Dani then goes to Christmas to throw Bayleigh and Da’Vonne under the bus. Bayleigh goes to Tyler to throw Dani under the bus. However, Tyler seems to be on Dani’s side, upsetting Bayleigh.


Nomination time! Da’Vonne and Bayleigh are the nominees, due to the untouchables comment.


More Wednesday, Stay tuned!



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