Big Brother All Stars Recap for 8/20/2020: Who Was Evicted?

Tonight is the second eviction night on CBS’s Big Brother All Stars. Nicole A and David are both on the block, so one of them will say goodbye. Then we will see Memphis’s reign as HOH come to an end and the rest of the house competing for the coveted spot.


As we found out last night. Memphis decided not to use the POV. Now the rest of the house is upset over this turn of events.


Nicole A talks to Da’Vonne in hopes of getting her on her side. Da’Vonne says she really likes her, but not sure what she is going to do. She likes Nicole, but wants to support David as a fellow black person.


Meanwhile, Kaysar is trying to build his alliance with Da’Vonne, Janelle,Christmas, Nicole A and Bayleigh. Da’Vonne is not so sure since she doesn’t seem to be getting anything in return. She talks to David, who also refuses to give her any answers. This leads to her venting to Bayleigh, who says they aren’t even sure they should keep David since he is not helping them. She is left more confused and frustrated than ever.


Kaysar and Janelle try to warn Nicole A about Memphis, but she isn’t sure she should believe them. She vents to the others, who say Janelle and Kaysar are targeting her.

Janelle chooses to evict Nicole.

Da’Vonne chooses to evict Nicole.

Kaysar chooses to evict Nicole.

Bayleigh chooses to evict Nicole.

Cody chooses to evict Nicole.

Ian chooses to evict Nicole.

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Nicole F chooses to evict Nicole.

Dani chooses to evict Nicole.


In a vote of 10-2, Nicole is evicted from the Big Brother House. She says goodbye and then puts on her mask to talk to Julie. She discusses her time on the show and some of the things that happened with Janelle. She watches her goodbye videos and realizes Janelle had her back. She apologizes and then we move on to the next portion of the show.


HOH competition! The challenge is called Mug Shots and it is a race to get mugs down the counters and reach the highest score. The one with the highest score wins.



Tyler: 12


Ian: 10

Enzo and Christmas: 8

Da’Vonne, Kevin and Bayleigh: 7

David: 6

Kaysar: 5

Dani: 4


Tyler is the new HOH and we will have to find out on Sunday what he plans to do….stay tuned.

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