America’s Got Talent Recap for 9/16/2020: Semifinals Results 2

Tonight is the final semifinals results show for America’s Got Talent. Five acts will move on to the finals, which will air next week. As of now, we have Roberta Battaglia, Broken Roots, Brandon Leake, Archie Willams and Alan Silva in the finals. Who will join them? We are about to find out.


After a recap of last night, we get to some results.


Max Major, Kenadi Dodds and Bad Salsa are in the Dunkin’ Save.


After more behind the scenes fun, we get to the first results.


Celina and Cristina are called to the stage first. America has voted and the act moving to the next round is….Cristina! Heidi is thrilled for her Golden Buzzer act.


As happy as I am for Cristina, I was so hoping Terry Crews would have said they BOTH got in.


Before we get to more results, Colin Cloud does his mentalist act, which involved the judges and virtual audience. We also get to see Darci Lynne and Kodi Lee in part of the act, which is interesting and fun.


Voices of Our City Choir, Daneliya and Waffle Crew are the next to find out their fates. America has voted, the next act in the finals is…..Daneliya.


The Bello Sisters, Brett Loudermouth and Jonathan Goodwin are the next to find out where they stand. The next act in the finals is….The Bello Sisters!


After an amazing performance by BTS, we get to the Dunkin’ Save results. The winner and fourth act going into the finals is….Kenadi Dodds!

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Now time for the Judges’ Choice….

Sofia chooses Bad Salsa

Howie chooses Bad Salsa….putting them in the finals!


Finale next week, stay tuned.


Final Ten:

Alan Silva

Archie Williams

Bad Salsa

Bello Sisters

Brandon Leake

Broken Roots

Cristina Rae

Daneliya Tuleshova

Kenadi Dodds

Roberta Battagila

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