The Golden Bachelor Recap for 9/28/2023

Gerry Turner Takes a Wife in Golden Bachelor's First Finale

The Golden Bachelor Recap for 9/28/2023

-Our new Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner is looking for the second love of a lifetime. His wife Toni died in 2017 after a brief illness and thanks to his daughters giving their blessings, he is on this new journey.

-So apparently we are jumping right into the meetings, not doing intros?



-Edith’s heart has been something waiting to meet him. She throws confetti to celebrate.

-Ellen gives a shout out to her best friend Roberta.

-Sandra uses Zen to calm them down….by dropping F bombs ala My Cousin Vinny.

-Leslie pulls the old lady gag that was used in a previous season…..

-We meet Marina, Christina and Joan way too quickly… well as a bunch of other women who we barely get to see.

-Theresa comes in her birthday suit on her birthday….flesh tone undies?

-April brings her fresh eggs from her farm.

-Renee does a cheer based on the nurse chant from Ferris Bueller.

-Maria teaches him how to dance.

-Anna tries to run away with him.

-Susan dresses in a feather dress that Gerry thinks is a wedding dress.

-Patty is former Bachelor Matt Jams’s mom

-More super-quick entrances….including Jimmy Kimmel’s Aunt Chippy who is there for shits and giggles.

-Faith shows up in a motorcycle.

-Jesse gives Gerry a pep talk before he goes in to mingle with the women.

-The mingling begins and the women take turns stealing time with Gerry.

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-April makes her a calendar of all April….the month and pictures of her….giving her major Blanche Deveraux vibes. (Remember that episode where she gave them the calendar of her boudoir?

-Ellen thinks that this is the best day of her life so far and tells Roberta he is a hunk.

-Serious question: I know Roberta was in Ellen’s video, but did she pass away or is Ellen just giving updates/shout outs to her through the show?

-Faith also plays the guitar.

-Dance party for no apparent reason!!!!

-I still have no clue who the hell half these women are.

-Everyone is vying for more time so they can get the first impression rose.

-Theresa gets a birthday cupcake.

-Faith gets the first impression rose. Of course. The deal is sealed with a kiss.

-Aunt Chippy sleeping on the couch is such a mood.


Rose Ceremony….and who are half these women?

-Ellen–Roberta’s BFF

-Theresa–Birthday girl

-Joan–No clue


-Leslie–No idea

-Christina–Still no clue

-Edith–Confetti lady

-Nancy–No idea

-April–Farm lady

-Sandra–Zen My Cousin Vinny

-Jeanie–Pink dress lady

-Kathy–Kept whining about getting a rose in the confessionals and reminds me of Luann from RHONY.

-Marina–In gorgeous outfit.

-Peggy–No idea…did she just show up for the rose ceremony?

Final rose tonight:

-Susan: Kris Jenner lookalike



-Patty–Matt’s mom

-Anna–Run away with me lady

-Renee–Ferris Bueller cheerleader lady

-Sylvia–There was a Sylvia on here?


-Pamela–No clue


More next week, stay tuned!!

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