Big Brother All Stars Recap For 8/27/2020: Who Got Evicted?

Tonight is eviction number three on Big Brother All Stars on CBS. It is Janelle vs. Kaysar….two strong players with a special alliance. One of them will be gone tonight, breaking up the dream team forever.


After a recap, Cody lets it be known that Janelle is a target, while she talks to Tyler to let him know she will protect him if she stays. He finally realizes she was never after him and wonders if getting rid of her is a mistake.


Kevin, for his part, wants to keep Janelle (as revealed in the Diary Room), while Christmas wants to get rid of her.


The Slick Six meets up and talk about what to do. Dani wants to get rid of Janelle, but Da’Vonne wants her to stay. Bayleigh agrees because she would be the third woman in a row to leave.


Christmas tells Kaysar she thinks he is going to be safe, so he decides to coast.


Janelle talks to everyone in the house to get them on her side. She even gives Cody her wedding ring as collateral to proves she is serious about not targeting him. Kevin and Memphis agree to keep her if she gets the majority of the house on her side, while Dani says she will save her to her fact, but has other plans in mind.


Tyler tells David that Da’Vonne tried to flip the vote last week, which upsets him. He confronts her, despite Tyler telling him to keep his mouth shut. She thinks he doesn’t trust her, but he says that he heard this story from both Cody and Tyler. Bayleigh is also there, acting like a moderator.

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Tyler finds out what David did, which now might have made him the biggest target. Cody is also upset with him over talking to Da’Vonne and Bayleigh.


Da’Vonne is upset over the David debacle, so Bayleigh comforts her.


Eviction time! With a 9-2 vote, Janelle is evicted from the house. In an odd turn of events, Dani and Enzo decide to vote to evict Kaysar. Janelle hugs everyone and has one last interview with Julie before saying goodbye.


HOH competition! They work in teams to roll balls up a ramp and get them to the top. We find out who wins on Sunday. Stay tuned.

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