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Celebrity Spotlight: Cameron J. Wright

Cameron J. Wright is only beginning his career, but he is already becoming a household name. The Tall Girl alum has only been in the business for three years and shows no signs of slowing down. 

What makes Cameron so special is not only his acting and musical abilities, but his hard work and determination. At only fourteen years old, he has the work ethic and determination of people twice his age and talent that is second to none. In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, he discussed his life and career, as well as some of his inspirations. Below are some of the highlights of our chat.

1. He would love to work with Bruno Mars. Cameron says that he is one of his biggest inspirations and hopes that the get to collaborate at some point in the future. He would also love to work with Michael B. Jordan.

As for a dream role, the sky is the limit and he would take on any role that comes his way.

2. Cameron calls some of his biggest inspirations in life to be Michael Jackson, his parents, Martin Luther King, Jr.  and Michael B. Jordan. Each one holds a special place in his heart for different reasons and he sees each of them as a special role model. 

3. Cameron says the stand out moment of his career at this point is working on Family Reunion. He loves the fact that he gets to work with legendary actors and actresses that have helped teach him about the business. He says that they have also made a lot of memories together and have become a family.

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4. He is also a musician! In fact, he was in Motown The Musical, which toured around the USA and Canada. He played the younger versions of several legendary artists, high was a huge honor for him. It only intensified his love for the genre and he looks forward to doing more music in the future.

5. Nick Cannon is one of his mentors and founded his band NCK. He would love to continue to work with him in the future, whether it is through his music or doing hosting something together. Nick is someone that he admires and respects and he appreciates all he has done for him throughout his career. 

Keep checking back for more Cameron news.

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