Inspirational Women: Carri and Molly

Inspirational Women: Carri and Molly

Every once in a while I work on a story that leaves me inspired to be a better person and work toward the greater good in life. One of my most recent (and favorite) ones was covering Rare Disease Day, which takes place on the rarest day…February 29th.

This day is special because it helps bring awareness to many rare diseases that don’t get the recognition they need. There are at least seven thousand of them to date and slowly but surely, we are learning more and more about them, thanks to the National Organization of Rare Diseases. 

There are also two amazing women who are helping people learn about said diseases, both through the organization and through the  The Balancing Act, a show that currently airs on Lifetime. Carri Levy and Molly Mayer have helped launch a special segment on the show called Behind The Mystery: Rare and Genetic. Each episode features a different disease by talking to patients, doctors and families, as well as more information on symptoms and treatment. 

Both women have had family members who suffered from rare diseases (out of respect for them, they have been redacted from the article) and know first hand what it is like to see their loved ones suffer without getting answers. They wanted to educate others on the diseases, as well as give people hope that there are answers out there. They also hope that by doing so,there will be more research done in the future and that hopefully there will be treatments and cures.

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Their passion for their work is not only helping others, but is also inspirational. Without people like them, many people could go misdiagnosed or without answers from their doctors. Thanks to their research, the show and many other resources they provide, people have hope. They are the unsung heroes in the medical field and definitely deserve recognition. Thank you ladies for all you do.

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