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-I’d like to learn a bit about your background – both on a personal level and as a performer. Please give us a quick history lesson!
I’m from long island NY, i’ve been singing and writing songs since I was 15! I was in SCMEA Jazz throughout high school, and I would release my own pop music with Tazmania Records, performing throughout NYC and LA. Performing is so much fun, I love to put on a show with each song I create.
-What are some of your proudest accomplishments so far?
Hitting one million streams on my song Illusion, Randy Jackson coming to my performance in LA, he told me to never stop singing, and this new release BONES! 
-Who are some of the people that have influenced you as role models?
God, and my mom! Musically, Ella Fitzgerald.
-Are there any specific companies or individuals you want to collaborate with?
I’m open to collaborations anywhere! I’d love for Bones to hit a Netflix movie, or show!
-What’s next for you? Anything else new and exciting in the works?
Releasing an EP, and getting some live performances.
-Tell me a surprising, fun fact about yourself
I dislocated my elbow a month before releasing Bones… on.a quad, what a coincidence for sure! Broke up my bones LOL.
-What are you watching on TV these days?
I re watch Stranger Things all the time, right now i’m watching The Fall of The House of Usher.
-Where can people learn more about you?
Instagram, (tinadecara) and all the other platforms.
-Anything else you want to tell the world?
Keep following your heart, and spread love.
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By Sammi Turano

Sammi has been a journalist for over a decade, specializing in entertainment, lifestyle, sports and celebrity news. She is the owner of TVGrapevine and Football in High Heels and the Host of Grapevine in High Heels With Sammi.

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