Celebrity Spotlight: Lexi Lawson

Lexi Lawson is best known for her theatre acting, most notably touring with Rent and for her Broadway debut in Hamilton. She proved she can act and sing, making her a standout star in her own estimation. 

Now the American Idol alum is appearing in a new Lifetime movie, set to premiere this weekend. In always and Forever Christmas, Lexi plays the role of Lucy, a woman from LA who inherits a Christmas shop. She initially plans to close it down, but thanks to the magic of love and Christmas, she soon has other plans. 

In a recent interview with TVGrapevine, Lexi revealed that making the movie was an incredible experience. However, what she enjoyed the most was the fact that she got to work with the legendary actress Beth Broderick. She said that not only was Beth a joy to work with, but a true professional. Beth also offered her advice on how to do her best in each scene and by the end of filming, became a friend and mentor. It became a wonderful experience for her and something she will never forget.

Now that the movie is getting ready to air, Lexi is planning on preparing for the holidays…..as a new mommy! She has a six month old daughter and looks forward to sharing her favorite traditions with her. One of her favorites is singing and she cannot wait to share her favorite songs with her baby.

As for her career, she is planning on getting into the swing of things soon. We look forward to seeing what she is going to do next and know she will shine like the star she is and has always been. 

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