Big Brother Recap for 7/21/19

Tonight on CBS’s Big Brother, we find out who is the new HOH and who is up for eviction. It is a jam packed night and one where we are to expect the unexpected. 

After a quick recap, we get right down to business. We see the reaction from Cliff’s return, which has Nick upset, but the rest of the house that didn’t vote for his eviction happy. Nick is also upset over the house flipping. 

Michie smooths things over with Nicole and tells her he wants to go after Isabella this week. He also hopes Cliff comes over to his side. He tries to say that he was doing what was best for the game in targeting him. However, Cliff doesn’t seem to trust him based on his previous stunts. 

Isabella keeps arguing with her alliance, which seems to be falling apart at the seams. 

Nick is worried about being put on the block. 

Jessica finally realizes that there are actual alliances in the house…and is none too happy with it. 

HOH competition! It is a Q&A one and the last one standing wins. If everyone answers correctly, the last two that buzz in get eliminated and of course if someone answers incorrectly, they get eliminated. 

Nicole, Holly, Kathryn, Isabella, Jessica, Analyse, Michie, Sam, Tommy, Christie and Jack are all eliminated, making Cliff the new HOH. 

Cliff decides Nick and Nicole are safe and plans to figure out who went up against him and go after two of them based on who is worse for his game. 

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Nick wants Jack gone, while Isabella wants to get rid of Christie. Michie offers himself up as a pawn against Nick or Isabella and then plans to win POV and use Christie’s diamond power. 

Right now, Cliff’s plan is not to target anyone on the block….and gets Kathryn, Jessica and Nicole on board with this plan. They somewhat form an alliance, but still don’t quite trust one another.

Michie tells Cliff his plan, but at this point Cliff isn’t on board….until Christie tells him about her power. This causes him to reevaluate everything, but he still doesn’t seem to trust Michie.

Everyone keeps trying to kiss up to Cliff in order to save themselves. He finally decides to target the players who are getting a bit too comfortable.

Nomination time. Jack and Michie are on the block….and we have to tune in on Wednesday to see the reaction. Stay tuned.

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