Big Brother Recap for 8/4/19

Tonight’s episode of CBS’s Big Brother seems to be one filled with drama from the first moment it begins. We left off with the beginning of the HOH competition. However, before we get to that, we get a look into the drama that occurred before the live eviction last week. 

Alliances are falling apart, couples are feuding and secrets are being exposed.  There is screaming, cursing, slamming doors and gnashing of teeth….but enough about my teen years. Let’s get to the nitty gritty of this drama.

since there is so much screaming and back and forth, I will just give the gist of it: Michie tells Jack that Christie and Tommy can’t be trusted. Jack goes to tell Christie and Tommy that Michie can’t be trusted. 

Kat and Holly know each other and then form an alliance with Michie. 

Christie, Tommy and Jack try to flip the vote to save Sam and get rid of Kat, causing a huge blow up with everyone, leaving Christie crying and Michie slamming doors. 

Jack and Michie now hate each other. Jack only trusts Christie.  

Kat denies knowing Holly.

Christie convinces everyone (mostly Jack) to save Kat, who is gunning for Michie. 

Finally we get to the HOH competition. To refresh your memories, they all studied a bunch of camp ads and no must answer true or false answers for it.

Michie is first eliminated. 

Analyse and Cliff are eliminated in the second round.

Tommy and Nick are eliminated in round three.

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Christie is eliminated in round four.

Jack is eliminated in round five.

Nicole is eliminated in round six.

Kat is eliminated in round seven.


Cliff, Kat, Jessica and Nicole are so happy, they do the dance of joy! They also do their Charlie’s angels pose and seem to have a new alliance. 

So…the Six Shooters all seem to hate each other. Michie is public enemy #1 and the biggest target this week. 

Kat and Holly make a final two deal. Holly wants to stay on Michie’s good side, but the two of them are furious with him and jack for their behavior.

The new alliance of Kat, Cliff, Nicole and Jessica dance an discuss who to target. They want to get rid of a powerful player. Jessica is glad to finally be a part of something and be able to make some moves. They want put up Jack and Michie and target Jack….while making Michie think he is the target. 

Kat admits to playing both sides of the house. 

Jessica, as promised, puts Michie and Jack on the block. 

More Wednesday! Stay tuned. 

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