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Big Brother Recap for 7/3/19

Tonight is the first live eviction on CBS’s Big Brother. Last night, we found out that Sam won POV and took Cliff off the block. Christie replaced him with Ovi, who has a secret power that could change the whole game. 

We spend time recapping last night’s episode and then get down to business.  Julie Chen Moonves says they have been in the house for fifteen days and tonight’s evicted houseguest will be…staying? OK then! I guess it is true, expect the unexpected. 

Christie wants Ovi gone because he is more of a threat, but she tells him he will be a pawn. She also tells Kat SHE will be a pawn. Ovi is not taking it well at all and begins to cry. He begins campaigning and seems to have Cliff on his side. Kat seems to be getting increasingly paranoid and thinks the house is turning against her. 

Ovi finally reveals his power to Michie and Jack, promising to get them off the block when the time comes. They are dumbfounded by this and now Jack wants this power in his own hands. 

Live eviction time! In a unanimous vote, Ovi is evicted….or is he? 

As he is leaving, everyone, even Ovi is called to the living room for Camp Comeback. Ovi will be a part of the social game, but not any competitions or votes. This will also happen for the next three evicted houseguests. 

They will live in a cabin upstairs and have a chance to go back into the house. 

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SURPRISE! David is also a part of Camp Comeback. 

HOH competition! They will observe fireworks and answer questions based on them. Nick, Tommy, Holly and Kat are eliminated first, followed by Analyse, Isabella, Kemi, Cliff and Sam. Nicole and Michie soon follow, leaving the battle between Jessica and Jack, with Jack winning the second HOH.

At Camp Comeback, Ovi has no hard feelings, but David wants to have words with Jackson for causing him to be banished. 

More Sunday. Stay tuned.


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