Til Death Do Us Part Star Dan Payne Proves He’s a True Gentleman

Dan Payne is an actor who is recognized in both the USA and Canada. He has starred in various TV shows and movies such as Fairly Legal, the Disney Descendants movies and Aliens Ate My Homework.

Now the handsome, talented actor is in a brand new movie, set to air this Sunday on Lifetime. (Check your local listings for showtimes).In the movie, he plays Kyle, a man who is estranged from his wife, but still tries to work things out. However, the two of them, along with others in their lives, end up being stalked by a woman claiming to be pregnant with his child after a one night stand.

Kyle ends up being torn between doing the right thing and repairing his relationship with his ex. This leads to lots of drama, death and danger for everyone in his life, especially his ex.

While Dan certainly shows off his acting chops in the movie, the most impressive thing about him is how he talks about his family and fellow co-stars. He raved about how wonderful his co-stars Kelly Sullivan and Anna Van Hooft, saying that they were two incredibly talented, gorgeous women who made the job that much better. He even quipped that working with them and director Danny J. Boyle made it easier and more fun to get up early and shoot the movie.

Dan also had a lot of wonderful things to say about his own family. He spoke very highly of them and made it clear that he is above all else a family man. He may have loved working on this movie, but he admits he also enjoys making films (such as the Descendants movies) and TV shows he can share with his two young children.

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As for what is next, Dan admits he has several projects on the horizon. While he could not get into many details, one of his goals is to get his web show Devine off the ground and airing once again. He would also love to do a show where he plays a superhero with a sense of humor…especially if Jason Bateman can be involved in some capacity.

Dan will continue to succeed in everything, not only because of his talent, but because of his genuine love for his craft and those around him.


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