Seduced By My Neighbor’s Andrea Bogart Interviewed

Seduced By My Neighbor’s Andrea Bogart dishes about her life and new movie to TVGrapevine.
Tell me about your role in Seduced By My Neighbor.
I play the lead role of Sarah. A women who’s lost her husband in car accident and has a teenage daughter.  We move to a new neighborhood to start fresh and be near my mother-in-law living an an assisted care center where I get hired with a new job. With her blessing and encouragement to date again, I open myself up to Chris. Things start going horribly wrong and my character is challenged with loss, love and healing.
What attracted you to the role? 
There is some dimension to her. It’s complicated with loosing a husband and jump cutting to the new life, a new love interest and be dealing with unexplained break-in’s feeling like everything is going wrong when you needed this to be a fresh start— all while raising a teenage daughter.
How did you prepare?
This was my first lead part since giving birth to my first baby in July 2017 and the offer came quick and I was on a plane in less than a week so there wasn’t much time to do anything other than wrap my head around how I was going to juggle all this for the first time. With awesome help from my husband, my mom and an on-set nanny and an incredibly gracious and supportive crew, it was a wonderful experience! I learned all my lines, I got to see my baby girl before work often breastfed at lunch and any down time I was memorizing my face off. I loved the challenge and it ended up feeling much easier than I thought it would be initially. My process is to place myself in these scenarios and see what evolves.
How does it compare to past roles?
It’s the second role I’ve played as the good suburban mom with a teenage daughter who is going through a challenge and begins getting stalked and things go wrong until the happy ending of course.
What do you hope people like about it?
I hope people feel entertained and get drawn into our characters and just enjoy how it unfolds.
What are some highlights from filming?
It was my second film with Director Sam Irvin, whom is so lovely to work with. We had the wonderful Louisville Fire Department actually volunteer their time to help us out in the movie for a scene and I always love the funny moments that catch you by surprise when shooting, those unstoppable giggles that sometimes get the best of you. There’s a scene in the club house I shot with Chris (Rocky Myers) that in the script just tore up my heart… that became one of my favorite scenes we shot.
Describe the movie in three words?
Heartfelt, Suspenseful, Endearing
What are you working on now?
I have another film in post production that I shot in LA this past May/ June, no current project at the moment but continuing to audition!
What is a fun fact about yourself that will surprise fans?
I’d like to claim that my first real role acting was playing Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty at Tokyo Disneyland on an 8 month performer contract in 2000/2001 before ever moving to Hollywood!
What are you watching on TV these days?
My husband and I literally never turn on the TV unless we schedule a date night to watch a movie or documentary… any spare time I have apart from my 15 month old,  I am usually reading and writing.
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