The Bachelorette Recap For June 4, 2018

This is night two of ABC’s The Bachelorette. Tonight, she begins dating her new suitors, which include a male model, several NFL players and a Harlem Globetrotter.

Date 1: Group Date with Nick, Lincoln, Clay Harbor, David, Jordan, Chris, Connor and Jean Blanc. They get all dressed up in tuxedos and do an obstacle course that helps them prove they are fit to be grooms. The event is hosted by Rachel and Bryan. Basically, they have to do a bunch of wedding related stuff and make it to Becca—with a ring.

To be honest, it is a bit boring. The guys accused Lincoln was cheating with some of the obstacles. Apparently, he didn’t do some of the obstacles correctly. The guys are pissed, making him a target in the house.

In any event, he got the kiss at the end.

During the after party, he gets one on one time with Becca first, making the guys even angrier. The fact that he also gets a picture from the end of the course doesn’t help matters either….nor does the fact that he also gets the first kiss.

He goes back to the guys to brag and post the picture in the room, which causes even more tension.

The guys all get one on one time with Becca, but it seems like the main focus is on the tension with Lincoln.

Connor smashes the Lincoln’s picture. Lincoln tells Becca, who goes to Connor to find out what happened. He tells her it rubbed him the wrong way and Lincoln acted inappropriately. She needs to think about what she is going to do. He now worries he ruined things with her for good.

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The rose goes to Jean Blanc.

Date 2: 1-on-1 Date with Blake. Chris Harrison gives them a sledgehammer to destroy all things that remind her of Arie. Lil’ Jon makes an appearance and that is literally only good part of this date.

Their dinner is the usual discussion of life and past relationships. He gets a rose and a kiss.

Date 3: Group Date with Leo, Christian, Garrett, Wills, Ryan, Alex, Colton, Rickey, Trent and John.

The guys play dodgeball and I don’t know why this is even a date. It looks lame. Update: it is lame.

She spends one on one time with the guys and we find out Colton dated Tia from last season.

There is a bunch of one on one time and the only noteworthy moment is when Jordan pulls a Corrine and takes his clothes off. This causes more drama and a new target in the house.

Becca is upset over the drama and wonders what she should do, so she goes to Chris Harrison for advice during the ceremony.

Rose ceremony:

Jean Blanc, Blake and Wills have roses.

Chris (Dude who tattled on Chase last week)

Jason (WHO?)

John (Dude who wants love like his grandparents have)

Clay (NFL dude)

Mike (Man bun guy)

Connor (Dude who smashed Lincoln’s picture)

Leo (Hagrid’s little brother)

David (Chicken suit dude)

Garrett (mute this week)

Ryan (Dude in camp suit last week)

Lincoln (The I am marrying Becca neener-neener-boo-boo dude)

Christon (Harlem Globetrotter)

Nick (Not a clue)

Final rose tonight—because Chris Harrison still thinks we can’t count.

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Colton (Tia’s ex)

Going home:

Alex (WHO?)

Trent (No clue)

Rickey (Um, WHO?)

More next week! Stay tuned.

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