The Bachelorette Recap for June 18, 2018

Week 4 of The Bachelorette is here on ABC! Tonight, we finally get the conclusion from last week’s episode, which ended in Clay getting hurt during the group date and leaving to have surgery. David also landed in the hospital due to an injury.

We go back to the cocktail party, where the guys mingle and talk with Becca. There is also a lot of kissing going on, but nothing compares to the drama with Jordan being Public Enemy #1. I just can’t anymore—these guys are all grown men and acting more immature than preschoolers.

Becca also gives Jordan boxers… there’s that….

David returns to hugs and love from everyone except Jordan, who still holds a grudge against him. I know they hate each other, but at least have the decency to check on him.

David gets the rose and is sent to his room to rest.

Rose ceremony. Colton, Chris and David all have roses.

Jason—dude whose name Becca forgot on the group date.

Wills—nerdy dude.

Nick—dude not in a suit for some weird reason.

Christoph—Harlem Globetrotter.

Lincoln—the one who calls Becca his wife.

Blake—I really know nothing about this dude.

Garrett—future soccer dad.

Leo—Hagrid’s hot younger brother.

John—No clue.

Connor—dude dressed like Doctor Who.

Jordan—Male model/Public enemy #1.

Final rose tonight…..

Jean Blanc—cologne dude.

Man bun Mike and Ryan are eliminated. I don’t think either one of them spoke more than two words during the entire time they were on, so….so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen.

Now we are in Utah. Garrett gets the date, which consists of walking around, enjoying drinks and talking. They also go on a ski lift, which would completely freak me out.  However, they get to hang out with two Olympians from the women’s bobsled team, so that makes it a pretty cool date.

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At dinner, they talk about his previous marriage and relationships. It makes her worry if they can make it work in the long run.

He gets a rose. They seal the deal with a kiss and a Granger Smith concert.

At the house the guys are debating on the shape of the earth and—what??? Seriously….what the actual hell am I watching? I had more intelligent conversations with my neighbor’s DOG that whatever this drivel was…SHEESH!

The second date is for everyone except Wills, who gets the second one on one. They have a lumberjack competition…which is so boring, but luckily, I am saved by my cable acting wonky due to the weather.

When I get back, Jordan is in those ridiculous  boxers. This causes more drama and there isn’t enough wine in my fridge to get me through this….I might have to break into the ice cream and vodka. I think my sister’s students handle conflict with more maturity and dignity.

While this happening, Becca mingles and makes out with the guys not fighting with Jordan.

Jean Blanc gives her perfume and says he is falling in love with her, which kind of freaks her out since it is way too early in the competition. She ends up sending him home because she isn’t ready for him to move that fast.

THEN….he says he said it to say it, which sends her into a rage of anger. She tells the remaining guys to be honest or get out. She doesn’t give out a rose and leaves.

She goes on her date with Wills the next day, even though she is still guarded and upset. They do some sort of racing date, which actually looks like fun. They also cuddle by a campfire and enjoy an intimate dinner.

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He gets a rose.

Chris Harrison sees them and says that the cocktail party is cancelled. There will just be a rose ceremony.

Rose ceremony:

Leo—Hagrid’s hot younger brother.

Colton—the now who was with Tia.

Jason—the one whose name she now remembers.

Connor—still no clue.

Lincoln—the one who wants to be her hubby.

John—still no clue.

Chris—the missing Property Brother.


Final rose tonight….

Jordan—dramatic male model.

Going home…

Nick—Did he even talk today?

Christon—Harlem Globetrotter

More next week, stay tuned!

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