The Amazing Race Recap for 2/23/2022

The Amazing Race Recap for 2/23/2022

The Amazing Race Recap for 2/23/2022

The penultimate episode of this season of CBS’s The Amazing Race keeps us in Greece with our final four.

The first clue is at Theatro Dassous. Once there, the teams must find four gold coins under a rock. However, they are surrounded by rocks, so the task is more complicated than anticipated. Everyone feels overwhelmed, but Raquel is the first to find said gold coin, earning her the next clue.

The next clue takes them to Trigonion Tower, where they are given the option to break plates while a band is playing or deliver 300 plates up a hill. One of the plates has the next clue.

Raquel and Cayla smash plates, get the clue and head to the pit stop, which is at White Tower. They end up being team 1 and win a trip to Hawaii.

Kim and Penn complete the first roadblock and choose the smash detour, bringing them into second place.

Natalia and Arun are the next to complete it and smash some plates as well, bringing them into third place.

Dusty and Ryan are in last place, but also complete the task. After they smash their plates, they end up in last place, only to discover it is a non-elimination leg.

Finale next week, stay tuned.


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