The Bachelorette Recap for June 11, 2018

This is week three of ABC’s The Bachelorette. Becca will go on more dates with her suitors this week, which will more tears, drama and roses.

Date 1: This is the spa group date where Tia and Colton reunite. Becca wants answers, so she arranges for them to meet up and talk.

In addition to Tia, Beckah, Sienne, Caroline and Kendall are there for Becca.

Becca forgets Jason’s name, which is awkward. There are other guys on this date, but they pretty much get lost in the shuffle due to the Colton/Tia drama.

Basically, the two dated, he applied to go on the show, she was okay with it and it is not as big a deal as they made it out to be.

At the after party, Becca mingles with the guys, but once again, Jordan is causing drama by bragging about himself and his past dating life. He turns on the charm with Becca, but the other guys aren’t fooled. The gist of it is that Jordan brags, the other guys get mad and annoyed, making him public enemy #1.

The Colton drama is more or less settled and forgotten with the two of them making out.

The rose goes to Colton…..all righty then!

Jordan is pissed!

Date 2: Chris R. is on this one on one. They meet Richard Marx and he helps them write their own music to each other. It is a bit stressful for Chris, but he is able to work through it and write her a sweet song.

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Special report!!

When we get back, Richard is performing while Chris and Becca dance. He has a rose.

David is being taken out in an ambulance…no idea what happened there. Everyone is terrified and can’t stop talking about what happened.

Chris tells Becca that David is in ICU. He tells her he fell out of bed and landed on his face. She thought he got attacked and is terrified out of her mind. She calls him and checks to make sure he is okay.

Jordan is acting like a jerk about the whole incident, which makes me angry. Someone got badly hurt and could have died.  It’s nothing to joke about.

Date 3: This is the second group date with a football theme. They have the guys vs. lingerie bowl girls. All I got from it is the one badass screaming has a super cute haircut.

Seeing the guys do drills is HOT! The girls have the guys go into groups and play against each other with the girls judging.

The game is quite fun to watch, but I do love football and live in one of the biggest football cities in the world, so I am loving this.

Clay got hurt! It looks like he broke his arm or something, making him the second guy to be taken away by medics.

At the after party, Becca mingles and makes out with the guys. During the party, Clay comes back with news that he has to go back to the doctor tomorrow. Everyone is happy to see him, especially Becca, who gives him the rose.

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More next week! Stay tuned!

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