Masterchef Junior Recap for 3/18/2024

Masterchef Junior Recap for 3/18/2024

Masterchef Junior Recap for 3/18/2024

-Tonight’s theme is basketball….complete with Chef Ramsay and Aaron Sanchez playing one on one and an appearance by the Harlem Globetrotters.

-The kids are in AWE and even get to play!

-Tonight’s challenge has the kids divided into teams to make the Harlem Globetrotters food.

-Miles is captain of the blue team. Remy, Michael, Lilo and Asher on his team.

-Lydia is captain of the red team. Kristell, Jordyn, Bryson and Alfred are on her team.

-The teams have one hour to cook a dish with a protein, sides, a starch and a sauce. There also needs to be a vegan dish due to a dietary restriction for one of the players.

-The winning team will be safe from elimination and the losing team will send someone home.

-As the teams cook, the judges watch and make comments on how they think the teams will perform.

-The red team seems to struggle with listening to Lydia…..which worries Alfred.

-The blue team is calm and peaceful.

-Jordyn and Lydia seem to butt heads the most.

-As an aside, Alfred reminds me of Allen from Punky Brewster…..such a cute, sweet kid!

-The blue team make fried chicken with green beans and an eggplant/zucchini dish for the vegan dish. Aaron and Daphne Oz tell them how to make it work more efficiently.

-The red team makes steak and potatoes with veggies and coleslaw and cauliflower steaks for the vegan dish. They are behind, so Chef Ramsay and Tilly tell them how to speed it up.

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-The judges all worry about the red team’s progress. Chef Ramsay talks to Kristell and reminds her that she is a good chef and needs to work to her potential.

-Lydia is freaking out, while Alfred gives snarky commentary, saying animals on the farm are more organized.

-The blue team’s chicken is a bit too thick, which could spell disaster for the team.

-Asher gives commentary about his chicken worries…..he is so cute!

-The red team continues to fall behind, with Kristell focusing more on the coleslaw than the potatoes.

-Lydia continues to freak out, which upsets Kristell, who is worried about the potatoes not being ready.

-The steaks are undercooked, which causes Chef Ramsay to give the red team a good talking to so they can focus properly.

-Bryson takes over for the steaks.

-The blue team runs into a problem with their vegan dish, so Daphne tells them how to make it work.

-Bryson burns himself and needs a medic. Chef Ramsay tells him he will be fine and doing a great job.

-The teams scramble to get everything done in time and are successful!

-Both teams are now nervous, especially the red team, who had trouble communicating.

-The judges and Harlem Globetrotters taste each dish and give the pros and cons of each.

-It is a close call, but the blue team wins!

-The red team will now lose a member.

-Wait….a double elimination? Excuse me while I go cry!

-Lydia and Kristell are eliminated.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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