The Bachelor Recap for 1/29/2024

The Bachelor Recap for 1/29/2024

The Bachelor Recap for 1/29/2024

THE BACHELOR - Ò2802Ó - Joey kicks things off with the first group date where wedding bells ring and stakes are higher than ever. Then, the first one-on-one date takes love to new heights, and Joey discovers which women have the bravery and stamina for lasting partnerships. MONDAY, JAN. 29 (8:00-10:03 p.m. EST), on ABC. (Disney/John Fleenor) JOEY GRAZIADEI

The Bachelor Recap for 1/29/2024

-WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!  We are all dating the same guy! Sisters are dating the same guy!!!! WOOOO!!!!!!

-Joey plays tennis…..did you know this? It isn’t like they mentioned it one hundred million times since he was announced as the Bachelor.

-Erika, Evalin, Jess, Kelsey T., Lauren, Lexi, Maria, Rachel, and Taylor are on the first date. Thanks, Reality Steve for posting it earlier, the names go by too fast and everyone is always screaming.

-The date is all of the ladies dressed up playing bride. This is….the stupidest date I have ever seen. The only interesting part is Evalin flying over the table…..I don’t even know what to do with this information.

-Rachel wins a special dance with Joey.

-Michael Bolton sings for them….because why not.

-Maria is trying to seduce him but not really in lingerie….because again, why the heck not? Oh, to make out with him…..sure!

-Joey continues to mingle and chat with the ladies….they all share stories, he sympathizes, they kiss….wash, lather, rinse, repeat.

-Daisy gets a date with the clue ‘I want the date that hits all the right notes.’ What does that even mean?

-Jessica got the group date rose.

-Daisy is worried about talking about her cochlear implant and hearing loss to Joey.

-They are at some sort of farmers market/flea market kind of place, which actually looks like a lot of fun. They also get a musical performance and seem to enjoy each other’s company.

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-At dinner, Daisy talks about her health issues, which includes her hearing loss, Lyme disease, stroke like seizures and special treatments in Germany. She is one tough cookie and so strong.

-Daisy gets a rose.

-Group date! The only ones not on this date (other than Daisy and the group 1 date girls) are Lea and Sydney.

-Jubilee and Demi are special guests for this group boot camp date….which is exactly what it sounds like.

-The winner of this boot camp/paintballing event gets extra time with Joey… is the blue team. However, only one person gets special time with Joey.

-Edwina gets special time with Joey, which makes her happy, but makes the other ladies sad.

-Joey and Edwina have a heart to heart while the other girls worry about getting roses.

-Madina worries about being older than Joey. Sydney tries to make her feel better, but this leads to her and Maria getting into a fight. The women are now divided.

-Cocktail party. Joey mingles with the ladies, who try to impress him with different talents, such as painting and other fun.

-Lauren decides to leave….and says that maybe she will see him at hometowns….and then throws a cake into the fire….as you do when you self-eliminate, apparently.

Rose Ceremony

-Rachel–Nurse….I think

-Lexi–no clue

-Kelsey–one of two Kelseys

-Kelsey T–other Kelsey

-Jenn–don’t remember

-Evalin–seemed sweet during date

-Autumn–no clue

-Madina–worried about age

-Lea–first impression rose

-Katelyn–no idea

-Chrissa–don’t remember

-Maria–part of the age fight

-Starr–one with cool name

-Allison–the one whose sister left


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-Final Rose Tonight

-Sydney–also in the drama



-Marlena–we hardly saw her

-Taylor–seemed like she was attitude-y

-Erika–loved her hair


More next week, stay tuned.

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