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Next Level Chef Recap for 2/1/2024HELL'S KITCHEN: Chef/host Gordon Ramsay in the “What the Hell” Part One of the two-hour season finale airing Monday, Sept. 13 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Scott Kirkland / FOX. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC.

Next Level Chef Recap for 2/1/2024

-Tonight’s home chefs are cooking for a chance to make it onto one of the Next Level teams. They will begin in the basement kitchen and work their way up to the top, with one cook being eliminated in every level.

-The cooks have 20 minutes to make their meals.

-The intros and cooking go pretty fast, so it is hard to keep up. Joe is a sanitation worker about to be a father, Christina is a mom  working in,

-Joe’s alligator parmesan is a surprise hit.

-Christina’s pork chop is well seasoned.

-Monika has overcooked fish.

Lauren’s haddock is well cooked.

-Mada’s minute steak marinade is too sweet.

-The cauliflower puree Daniel made is a mess.

-The turkey and sauce cooked by Wendy is delicious.

-Alexandra’s beef tongue and salad is surprisingly good.

-I wish they would be more clear on who made what dish.

-Christina, Mada and Joe are moving to the next level.

-Lauren, Alexandra and Wendy are joining them.

-Monika is also in, while Daniel is going home.


Round 2

-They have middle of the road ingredients in the middle kitchen and have 20 minutes to make a meal out of the food they grabbed.

-Alexandra reminds me of Melissa Gorga, while Mada reminds me of my friend Nam.

-Monika sets her kitchen station on fire and seems to butt heads with Chef Ramsay.

-Wendy’s dish is a good effort.

-Alexandra’s chicken breast and pasta is a job well done.

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-Lauren’s sea bass is beautiful.

-Christina’s pork chop is impressive.

-Monika’s meal, which has bok choy is underwhelming.

-Mada’s salmon is cooked nicely but the skin is a bit overcooked.

-Joe’s steak is well-seasoned but a mess.

-Christina, Wendy, Alexandra, Lauren and Mada are safe.

-Joe and Monika are in the bottom, with Monika going home.


Round 3

-The top kitchen has all the best food and equipment. They have 20 minutes to cook with the ingredients they grabbed from the platform.

-The whole thing is a blur….Joe is freaking out because he never makes fish…and now he has to make it.

-Lauren’s rib eye is well cooked.

-Christina’s veal chop is delicious.

-Mada’s pasta and shrimp is well seasoned.

-Alexandra’s lobster is really nice.

-Joe’s branzino is well cooked despite his freakout, but his couscous is undercooked.

-Wendy’s dish is a bit of a mess.

-Christina, Lauren, Mada and Alexandra are in the next found.

-Joe and Wendy are in the bottom two, with Joe going home.


More next week, stay tuned.

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