For Real: The Story of Reality TV Recap for Makeover My Life

For Real: The Story of Reality TV Recap for Makeover My Life

For Real: The Story of Reality TV Recap for Makeover My Life

This week’s For Real: The Story of Reality TV Makeover My Life focuses on makeover shows. From weight loss to plastic surgery, these kinds of shows changed the way we look at changing our bodies.


The Swan was one of the first shows to focus on makeovers, taking a ‘plain Jane’ or ‘ugly ducking’ and turning her into a swan via plastic surgery. (for the record, none of the people on these shows were ever ugly!) It understandably controversial, but one of those shows everybody knew about….and still talk about today.

Andy gives updates on contestants Kelly and Cindy. Kelly says she was happy with the results, even though it was a shock to initially see her big reveal.

Cindy, for her part, needed reconstructive surgery after a softball accident. However, she is happy with herself and how she looks today.

I want to reiterate, these women were beautiful before, after and today.  

The Biggest Loser was created to reach Middle America and give NBC new family friendly TV. It helped launch shows like Celebrity Fit Club, Dance Your Ass Off and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.

However, The Biggest Loser remains the granddaddy of all weight loss shows. While the contestants lost tons of weight, it was difficult for them to keep it off, due to real life and problems with slow metabolism. Danny from season 9 says he now weighs 350 again. He explains how he ended up with a messed up metabolism, combined with food issues and depression. He went on to talk about watching the show with his son and how he would do the show again due to the positivity it brought to his life.

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Another popular show theme are therapy shows, including Couples Therapy and Celebrity Rehab. These shows got into the nitty gritty suffering that people, including celebrities, go through, including, but not limited to substance abuse and domestic issues.

This caused a lot of controversy due to getting into private details of people’s lives and how many deaths occurred due to Celebrity Rehab. However, there were also a lot of success stories, including people like Shifty and Lisa D’Amato becoming sober and Mackenzie Phillips becoming a substance abuse counselor.


The economy change led to job-related reality shows, including Shark Tank, The Profit, Bar Rescue and Kitchen Nightmares. These shows helped form and rescue failing businesses.  Many of these, like Tabatha Takes Over, helped people by using tough love as a motivator to do better. While some businesses worked out, others still failed.

During this time, there was also an uprise in home makeover shows. The granddaddy of all of them was Extreme Makeover Home Edition, which helped many deserving families in need get new homes. Everyone was in tears at the end when it came to ‘move the bus!’

Other such shows, like Trading Spaces, also became popular. This led to even more shows and America wanting to become DIY experts. It even led to the host themselves becoming popular.


One of the best known makeover shows is Queer Eye for The Straight Guy, which not only introduced us to the Fab Five, but helped men make over their entire lives. These men learned how to cook, dress, lifestyle tips and more. They would then debut their new makeover to loved ones.

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The show became a phenomenon across America and the men became household names.

Thom Filicia talks about how the show made him a household name and some of his favorite moments, including Jim the nudist. Jim himself shows up and while he is still a nudist, he credits the show for changing his life.

He also says that he loves the new version of the show.

Join us next time for inspirational shows.


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