The Golden Bachelor Recap for 10/26/2023

The Golden Bachelor Recap for 10/26/2023

The Golden Bachelor Recap for 10/26/2023

-Despite the women being crazy for Gerry, they seem to love each other more.

-There will be one group date this week with Theresa, Susan, Ellen, Leslie and Sandra.

-Faith has the one on one and is over the moon. She and Gerry fly in a helicopter to their surprise destination.

-Leslie is feeling jealous and insecure.

-Faith talking about her life without her parents and having a lot of emotional trauma is so heartbreaking. She gets a rose.

-These dates are like, five minutes long!

-The ladies are happy to hear about Faith’s date and they act like fun girlfriends….as they should.

-The group date is a carnival where they play games and go on rides.

-Gerry and Theresa make out on a Ferris Wheel and she says that she is falling in love. He has strong feelings too.

-Sandra and Susan also talk to Gerry.

-Leslie is still insecure.

-Leslie and Gerry both have bruises from their one-on-one and I have no clue what to do with this information.

-Leslie breaks down during her talk with Gerry and he comforts her.

-Ellen and Gerry go on a roller coaster ride together and make out.

-Ellen breaks down because she is overwhelmed by how much she cares for Gerry.

-Nobody gets a rose because Gerry didn’t feel ready to make a decision.


Rose Ceremony for an episode that seemed to be ten minutes long. Faith already has a rose.

-Leslie–got bruises on her one-on-one and bonded with Gerry over it.

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-Theresa–I forgot about her this episode except for the Ferris Wheel moment.



-Sandra–The one who had too much fun with Never Have I Ever last week.

-Susan–Kris Jenner lookalike.

-Ellen–quite obviously going to be the Golden Bachelorette because she is awesome! Her talk with Gerry and exit only made this more clear in my mind.


More next week, stay tuned!

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