The Golden Bachelor Snark and Highlights from 10/5/2023

The Golden Bachelor Snark and Highlights from 10/5/2023

The Golden Bachelor Snark and Highlights from 10/5/2023

-One of the women seems to be in a wedding dress….and crying while another woman hugs her….confused!

-The women arrive in the mansion and act adorable as they choose their beds….all without fighting and while being considerate of each other’s health (and potty) needs.

-Knock on wood, there doesn’t seem to be drama, just laughter and mimosas.

-Jesse meets up with the ladies and drops off a date card for Theresa…with the clue ‘you’re never too old to find love again.’

-The women help Theresa get ready by doing her hair and makeup.

-Gerry picks Theresa up and takes her away in an old school convertible.

-Gerry being scared of driving on the highway is so relatable.

-Theresa calms him down until they get to their destination, which is a drive-in diner.

-I have to say, that this diner date seems so cute and amazing and something I would love to do myself.

-Theresa talks about marrying her high school sweetheart and how she is now a widow. Gerry can relate to her since he went through the same thing.

-The two of them share a milkshake and decide to learn Italian so they can go to Italy together.

-They are surprised with a dance party and seal the date with a kiss and a rose.

-The other ladies do a romance novel cover shoot.

-Nancy breaks down over a wedding dress since it brings back emotions from her previous marriage and losing her husband. April comforts her and helps her move forward.

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-Gerry talks to Nancy about how she was feeling during the shoot, and she explains why it was an emotional experience. The two of them bond and join the others.

-After Gerry mingles with the ladies (and bonds with Leslie over hearing aids), he gives Nancy the rose.

-The ladies give Gerry a surprise birthday party. They all get special time with him and this time, Joan bonds with him about losing her husband.

-Gerry gives Ellen a framed picture of them from the photo shoot.


Rose ceremony time: (Theresa and Nancy already have roses)

-Leslie–hearing aid lady

-Joan–blonde widow

-Edith–don’t remember her

-Ellen–got picture

-Sandra–Reminds me of June from White Collar

Susan–Kris Jenner lookalike

-Christina–no clue

-Faith–motorcycle lady

-April–sweet one who comforted Nancy


Final rose tonight:

-Kathy–Countess Luann lookalike



-Jeanie–no clue

-Natascha–sweet lady who reminds me of Gloria on Bob Hearts Abishola

-Peggy–no idea


More next week, stay tuned…and maybe we will get chairs for the rose ceremonies like Natascha suggested.

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