The Amazing Race Recap for 11/30/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 11/30/2023

The Amazing Race Recap for 11/30/2023

This week’s episode of The Amazing Race on CBS takes us to Stockholm, Sweden. Everyone is on the same flight as they depart, but will separate once they arrive and get different taxis.


Greg and John are the first to arrive, but forget to grab a number. They must go back but keep missing the location.


Joel and Garrett and Steve and Anna Leigh each grab the first two numbers. Greg and John finally get to the correct place and get the next number, followed by Todd and Ashlie and Corey and Rob.


Skydiving time! Each of the teams skydive out of a plane with a professional. Joel and Garrett finish first and head to Tynningo for the next clue.


Roadblock! One member of each team must make a wreath and attach it to a maypole, once it is completed correctly, they will get the next clue. Garrett, Anna Leigh, Ashlie and Greg all to the task. Rob and Corey opt to use their Express Pass and head to the Royal Dramatic Theatre.


Anna Leigh and Steve finish the Roadblock first and head to the next location. Greg realizes he needs to work faster on the task.


Rob and Corey get lost, giving the lead to Steve and Anna Leigh. They end up running into each other, with Anna Leigh opting to help the father and son team.


The next clue takes them to the Solna Centrum Station. Anna Leigh and Steve are the ones who fall behind this time because they end up on a bus instead of the subway. This time, Rob and Corey help them out by telling them they need to take the subway, allowing them to walk there together.

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Greg is still working on the Roadblock and must start over. However, he still manages to finish before the remaining teams. Garrett is not too far behind and Ashlie is last to finish.


Detour time! Sort has the teams go through trash and separate recyclables while Serve has them run and serve three courses based on Nobel Prize Award banquets. Greg and John choose serve, while the other teams opt to do the sorting task.


Rob and Corey and Anna Leigh and Steve decide to continue working together.


Ashlie and Todd continue to fall behind, but end up at the Detour, where they decide to Sort.


John and Greg do well on their Detour due to Greg’s French reading skills….since everything is in French. They complete the Detour. Anna Leigh and Steve and Rob and Corey also finish.


Joel and Garrett also finish, while Todd and Ashlie finally begin.


The teams head to Pampas Marina, where they discover the Pit Stop location is at Stromparterren. Anna Leigh and Steve, Rob and Corey and Greg ands John all work together, but end up lost and head back to where they started to try and find the pit stop. This allows Joel and Garrett to take the lead and become the first team to check in.


Greg and John are second, with Rob and Corey and Anna Leigh and Steve as the third and fourth teams, respectively.


Ashlie and Todd finally finish and end up at the pit stop last, where they find out they have been eliminated.

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More next week, stay tuned.

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