Masterchef 13 Premiere Recap for 5/24/2023

Masterchef 13 Premiere Recap for 5/24/2023

MASTERCHEF: L-R: Judge Aarón Sánchez, host/judge Gordon Ramsay and judge Joe Bastianich. MASTERCHEF premieres Wednesday, May 24 on FOX. © 2019 FOXMEDIA LLC. Cr: FOX.

Masterchef 13 Premiere Recap for 5/24/2023

-Seeing Chefs Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Aaron Sanchez debate over where the best chefs reside while enjoying food from around the country is nothing short of adorable.

-The audition round is always so interesting, but it is also disappointing to not see everyone doing their audition.

-A trophy, new kitchen (with all the supplies!) and a quarter million dollars is a pretty sweet prize.

-Northeast kicks off the auditions with Daphne Oz as a guest judge.

-Carla makes homemade manicotti using a crepe and crawfish. However, she fails to impress due to the consistency of the crepe and the ricotta not being drained properly. No apron!

-Richie’s salmon and potatoes looks beautiful and tastes even better. Chef Joe isn’t quite sure about the blending of flavors, but thanks to Chef Ramsay, he gets an apron!

-Nina’s venison dumplings represent how she uses her resources to cook. As in, hunting and not wasting anything. Daphne and Chef Ramsay are IN LOVE with her food,  Chef Joe is the only one who is not a fan. Chef Aason isn’t sure about the flavor, but loves her boldness. She gets an apron.

-Why is Chef Joe being such a grouch tonight?

-Purvi’s Indian bundt cake is delightful and wins over everyone……making her the first cook to get a unanimous vote of YES!

-Eddie’s pistachio cake with tres leches sauce is not quite at the level the judges want, so he does not get an apron.

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-Ross’s chocolate molten lava cake tastes delicious, but does not have the liquid chocolate lava….causing him to get sent home.

-Brynn cooks crispy black sea bass. It is a hit with the judges…which is why she gets her very own apron!

-Ryan’s cooking journey came after a battle with addiction. His steak and eggs dish, aka his life saving dish, does not win over Chef Aaron, but thanks to the other judges, he gets an apron…..making his dad, aka his biggest fan, the happiest man in the world.


More next week, stay tuned.


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