Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 11/27/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 11/27/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 11/27/2023

-Tonight’s Kitchen Nightmares on Fox takes us to South Brooklyn Foundry.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay visits to investigate and try the food. He is able to joke with the staff, but is unhappy with the food and service.

-The chef is not at all happy with Chef Ramsay’s dissatisfaction and throws a hissy fit.

-Chef Ramsay talks to owner Kelly and Chef Rey and finds out that Kelly is the one holding the debt. Chef Rey refuses to take accountability for his actions, which further upsets Kelly.

-There is a ton of arguing between the three of them, leading to Chef Ramsay telling Kelly and Chef Rey he wants to see how they run a dinner service.

-Kelly continues to get frustrated and walks out.

-The sous chef is working along, which concerns Chef Ramsay. He talks to Kelly about it and tells her to stop being a doormat and stand up to Chef Rey.

-The rest of the staff is getting frustrated. Chef Ramsay tries to show Chef Rey the error of his ways, but the attitude he receives sends him into a fit of anger and frustration.

-Kelly continues to get upset, especially when food continues to get sent back to the kitchen. Chef Ramsay tries to comfort her, but no avail. He also tries to talk to Chef Rey, who still doesn’t seem to understand. He and Kelly fight over the debt and what to do, which leads to more tears.

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-The staff has a meeting which results in the sous chef quitting.

-Chef Ramsay helps Kelly get the proper businesspeople hired so she can get out of debt. He also gives the entire place and menu a makeover so business can improve.

-The staff is thrilled and love all the changes.

-Kelly thanks everyone for sticking it out as they prepare for a new dinner service.

-Diners love the new restaurant and food. Things go smoothly for the dinner service, despite some hiccups in the kitchen. There are several issues with serving food, but Chef Ramsay gets them back on track.

-Kelly also takes charge and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Chef Ramsay reminds her that she can handle it despite the growing pains.

-Two months later, the place is thriving and Kelly is getting along better with Chef Rey.

-More next week, stay tuned!

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