Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 10/16/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 10/16/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 10/16/2023

-This week’s Kitchen Nightmares takes us to Da Mimmo in New Jersey. The place is family run, but over $500,000 in the whole. The owner Melissa is paying people out of her own pocket to make sure they have their paychecks. Her three sons run everything, but are overwhelmed with everything.

-When Chef Gordon Ramsay shows up, he notices the place is empty. He orders soup, calamari, pizza and ragu with meatballs…with the option to put it in a bowl.

-The server Giuseppe does a song and dance for Chef Ramsay while the other staff takes forever to cook his food.

-Chef Ramsay likes the soup, but the pizza leaves much to be desired. The calamari is also flavorless and the meatballs are cold.

-The chef Francesca is upset about the food and says it would be better if she had the right ingredients.

-Chef Ramsay talks to everyone about the quality of the food and service. Antonio, who is the chef and manager, says he feels bad about everything, but is overwhelmed with everything.

-Melissa and Antonio say not enough people come in because nobody knows about the place, despite Melissa’s son Vincent having a big social media following. He rarely shares about the place, which upsets Melissa and Antonio.

-Chef Ramsay tells Melissa that she needs to take the pressure off Antoni0 and he is willing to help.

-Later on, Chef Ramsay sets up a dinner service to see how they all work together. Melissa makes her other two sons Vincent and Vito show up to help, despite their protests.

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-Everyone is impatient waiting for food….which is being burnt.

-Chef Ramsay rips Vincent and Vito a new one for not helping out their mother and brother…and gets even angrier when he realizes that they are parading around in expensive clothes and jewelry….and REALLY laces into them. However, they don’t take him seriously.

-Things get even worse when Chef Ramsay discovers that the kitchen is a mess and dirty….with rotting, slimy food to boot.

-The place gets shut down by Chef Ramsay, who continues to rip them a new one about the disaster they call a restaurant.

-Chef Ramsay tells the boys to respect their mother, shape up or ship out.

-Vito and Vincent agree to help, but claim they never realized Antonio and Melissa actually needed help.

-Everyone is re-trained as Chef Ramsay takes over with his team. They explain how to choose quality ingredients and how to properly cook the pizza. The entire place also gets a total makeover.

-A new dinner service is held and this time it is a success…the menu is quality over quantity and everything is clean and classy looking.

-Vito and Vincent also use their social media platforms to promote the place.

-The night is a success….especially with the pizzas made in front of customers.

-The success is short lived when people aren’t being served and Francesca is being disrespected by the staff. Communication isn’t working, so Chef Ramsay tells them to work on it.

-Everything finally gets under control and things go back to running smoothly.

-Two months later, everything is running smoothly with Vito and Vincent using social media to help out….and by pulling their weight.

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-More next week, stay tuned!



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