Southern Hospitality Season 2 Premiere Date Announced

Southern Hospitality Season 2 Premiere Date Announced


Southern Hospitality Season 2 Premiere Date Announced


  • Southern Hospitality” season two premieres Thursday, Dec. 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. Episodes will be available to stream the next day on Peacock. 



  • The team at Republic is joined by new VIP Server Oisin O’Neillwhose larger-than-life personality is shaking things up.


  • With the nightlife on King Street exploding and the competition fierce, the team at Republic is busier than ever. Accepting nothing short of perfection from her staff, Leva runs a tight ship, but her once-close-knit team faces a multitude of obstacles as they try to keep their jobs while maintaining their friendships and relationships. When rumors, cheating allegations and ghosts of past back-alley debaucheries haunt the staff, they work hard to prove to Leva that they are still fit to run the hottest club in Charleston.



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  • After realizing her staff has become complacent and a little too comfortable, boss lady Leva Bonaparte insists that her VIP team maintain a pristine code of conduct and marks the dawn of a new regime at Republic. 


  • Mia Alario/VIP Host lives by the work hard, party hard motto. Her at-home finance job is her office and Republic is her playground. Since meeting the latest man in her life, Mia attempts to curb her wild side, but that doesn’t stop her from meddling in her friends’ love lives. One thing that will never change is Mia’s eagerness to speak her mind. When Leva makes a permanent change at Republic, Mia is not shy about voicing her opinion even if it means putting herself in the line of fire.
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  • As the first face to greet customers at the door, Joe Bradley/VIP Manager feels the pressure to be on at all times. Realizing the quality of his relationships with friends and family is waning and learning his employment isn’t guaranteed, he questions his identity and longevity at Republic. When those closest to Joe accuse him of prioritizing new friendships over old, his loyalties are tested. 


  • Bradley Carter/VIP Server is ready to rebuild his bad-boy image after last year’s infidelity rumors. Professionally, he’s thriving after a recent promotion at Republic and with his personal-training business, Body by Brad, as his main source of income. In his attempts to better himself professionally, Bradley discovers who his real friends are, but a new juicy rumor falls into his lap that hinders his road to having it all. 


  • In Charleston, secrets are always safe with TJ Dinch/Bartender. A fixture at Republic, TJ is there to keep the bar running smoothly while the patrons spill all of their tea. TJ is the man who has all the answers. Outside of work, however, TJ struggles to find love, even when the man of his dreams might be right in front of him.   


  • The clock is ticking for Will Kulp/Bartender as his days in Charleston are numbered. When he decides to head back to law school to pursue his dream of becoming a lawyer, his girlfriend, Emmy, is convinced that long distance will be an easy feat to overcome. After Will becomes the topic of the local rumor mill, his relationship and friendships are put to the ultimate test. 


  • Life is still wavy baby for Grace Lilly/VIP Host. Embracing change and new beginnings, she has said goodbye to f-boys and hello to her new boyfriend, Liam. Since they started dating, they’ve welcomed a baby girl to their lives – Fergie the cat. When things appear too good to be true, Grace is hit with an unexpected turn of events that sends her on a path to get her groove back.
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  • Making his way from across the pond, Oisin O’Neill/VIP Server is a fish out of water at Republic. He has moved from Wicklow to Dublin, NYC to Tulum, and now he’s settled in Charleston. After putting his professional rugby career on hold to pursue an international career in nightlife, he lands a prime position on Leva’s team with the help of good friend Maddi. New to this eclectic team, Oisin navigates tricky waters when his flirtatious nature is met with mixed reviews from his co-workers and their boyfriends.


  • Maddi Reese/DJ & VIP Manager is making a name for herself on the music scene. When not working at Republic, she’s venturing out of the South, with ambitions of one day performing in Miami. Now back with boyfriend Trevor, the pair moved in together and are planning for the future. Right when she thinks she’s moved past his cheating ways, a new allegation arises that rocks her world. 


  • After years of waiting on others, Emmy Sharrett/VIP Server is finally prioritizing herself first. With boyfriend Will leaving town for law school, she’s putting her trophy wife ambitions on hold and focusing on career opportunities at Republic. However, her secure relationship is jeopardized after a nefarious night of partying makes everyone question Will’s loyalty.


  • Bringing new meaning to “party all the time,” Mikel Simmons/VIP Host can be found at Republic most nights, whether he’s on shift or having a good time with his friends off the clock. He loves to spend quality time with girlfriends Grace and Maddi, but when he finds himself splitting time between the girls and their boyfriends, Mikel is left having to pick sides. 
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  • Lucía Peña/Former VIP Server finds her world turned upside down after she becomes the latest casualty of the new Republic regime. As a single mother and a homeowner with bills piling up, Lucía has no choice but to swiftly figure things out. While in the process of looking for a new job, her romantic life brightens when a new boo appears. 


“Southern Hospitality” is produced by Haymaker East with Aaron Rothman, Josh Halpert, Jessica Chesler, Alexandra Faccinto, Bill Langworthy and Erin Foye serving as executive producers and Jesse Light as co-executive producer. Leva Bonaparte and Lamar Bonaparte will also serve as executive producers.


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