The Masked Singer Recap for 10/4/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 10/4/2023

The Masked Singer Recap for 10/4/2023

The Cow: His dad wasn’t around, he is a parent and present for his children.

He sings Treasure by Bruno Mars and is such a delight. The act is cute, fun and full of personality. What a way to kick off the show!

Big Clue: Tap Shoes presented by Le’Veon. It represents his killer moo-ves.

Guesses: Trey Songz, Ne-Yo, Mario, Nelly.


The Diver: He always wanted to be famous and did the whole acting, modeling and singing thing. He is hated now but wants to show he is more than his mistakes.

He sings I Ain’t Worried by OneRepublic and has a great voice. The performance itself is a bit lacking, but overall, it isn’t too bad. I think it could be Tom Sandoval, but that seems like too much of an obvious guess?

A Superfan with a CLUB painted on his chest gives the next clue: He can get the club going!

Guesses: Pete Davidson, Tom Sandoval, Pauly D


The Gazelle: She had a unique name and was forced to change her name, causing her to have trouble being herself. She is setting the trail for girls like her.

She sings The One Who Got Away with Katy Perry. It is a slower version, making it even more powerful and beautiful. She has some talent and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Antonio Gates presents her clue: The word villain written on a football….representing her ability to play the villain when necessary.

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Guesses: Leighton Meester, Constance Wu, Auli’i Cravalho


The S’more: He was born for life in the spotlight and got to work with a legend…against his father’s wishes. He was also on Broadway, which made his father proud.

He sings Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 and knocks it out of the park. AMAZING JOB! The performance has everything…the talent, the spirit and the personality to make him someone who is here to stay.

DeSean Jackson gives us the clue which is….oranges thrown at Nick Cannon? He tasted victory so sweet and hopes to do it again.

Guesses: JC Chasez, Kevin Richardson, Simu Liu


The Pickle: He was told he was a bad boy with no future, but once he found his passion, he ended up working with some of the biggest names in the business.

He sings Pinball Wizard by The Who. It is by far the most entertaining performance of the night and gives new meaning to WILDCARD! I love this, I love him and want to see MORE! I think it may be Steve Martin.

The Clue: On Air….when he speaks, people listen!

Now I think it’s Howard Stern.

Guesses: Craig Kilborn, Dax Shepard, Conan O’Brien, Howard Stern


The Diver is eliminated and he is none other than…..TOM SANDOVAL!!!!


More next week, stay tuned!

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