Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 10/9/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 10/9/2023

Kitchen Nightmares Recap for 10/9/2023

-In The Drink is in serious financial trouble. The place is a complete mess with unappetizing food and unappealing look.

-Chef Gordon Ramsay comes in and orders a meal. He also talks to the servers, who seem clueless as to what is going on. They also seem unfazed by the fact that the food is getting sent back. Chef Ramsay is in shock by this behavior.

-He is also unsatisfied with the food and wants to talk to Jorge the owner…who is hiding in the office. Once he finally gets face to face with him, he is floored by Jorge’s attitude and gets even angrier.

-Chef Ramsay talks to Jorge and Solange, the latter of whom is confused by everything going on. He tries to help them prepare for a dinner service, but it is a disaster. The servers and cooks are also upset, especially since they know Jorge lied to Chef Ramsay about how much work he does.

-The kitchen is a huge mess with tickets being messed up and fish and meat being cooked together. The food is also raw, too salty and overall disgusting.

-Food is being nuked in the microwave, other food is raw and one of the cooks is working while sick….until Chef Ramsay makes him take a break.

-The kitchen is a complete disaster with nothing being cooked properly. Guests are pissed off and Jorge is acting like it is no big deal.

-Chef Ramsay ends up shutting everything down and paying for the customer’s orders.

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-Due to his loyalty and hard work, Chef Ramsay offers Carlos special training.

-After a few massive fights, the restaurant is finally redone and open for business. There is new food that is more appealing and easier to cook.

-Despite a strong start of the new dinner service, Jorge is still not cooperating and keeps meddling and not mingling. Chef Ramsay puts him in time out.

-Carlos gets hurt but carries on after getting medical attention.

-Things finally go smoothly, with Jorge actually asking Nadia to become manager. This makes everyone very happy.

-Two months later the restaurant is still successful with Nadia as manager and Carlos cooking using the recipes he learned from Chef Ramsay.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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