The Cheerleader Escort: Meet Cynthia Preston

The General Hospital alum plays a mom to a cheerleader with a dark secret in Lifetime’s The Cheerleader Escort.

Cynthia Preston has starred in countless TV shows and movies throughout her career. She was recently seen in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan as Blanche DuBois and once again showed us why she has staying power in Hollywood. 

On The Cheerleader Escort:

Now she is in another Lifetime movie, set to air this weekend. The Cheerleader Escort, which also stars Damon Runyon and Alexandra Beaton, tells the story of college alumni who get inappropriately involved with campus cheerleaders several years their junior. Cynthia plays the mom to one of the cheerleaders who is involved in this scandal. 

While Cynthia remained tight lipped on what excctl we can expect from her specific role (and the movie itself), she promises that it has a lot of female empowerment. She thinks it is very prevalent to this day and age, especially with the Me Too and Time’s Up movements. In fact, she compared it to The Handmaid’s Tale and hopes fans of the show will like this movie and its similar message. 

Another thing Cynthia enjoyed about the movie was bonding with her on screen daughter, Alexandra Beaton. The two of them actually began talking before going on set and created an instant connection. The two became very close and Cynthia spoke very highly of Alexandra as both a friend and colleague. 

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What’s Next:

Now that the Cheerleader Escort is getting ready to air, Cynthia is hard at work on other amazing projects. Most of them fall into the ‘super-secret project’ category, but she is excited to work with some amazing friends and see them come into fruition. She is currently ‘drumming’ away at them, so keep checking back for more news on what happens. I can, however, reveal that she is doing a lot of work behind the scenes as well as on camera. 

Did You Know?

Her favorite shows are The Handmaid’s Tale and Suits. In fact, she even auditioned for a role on the legal drama as Meghan’s mom. She is excited to see how Suits ends and to watch the continuing story of The Handmaid’s Tale.

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