Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/19/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/19/2023

Big Brother Reindeer Games Recap for 12/19/2023

Tonight is the penultimate episode of Big Brother Reindeer Games on CBS. Nicole, Taylor, Xavier, Britney and Frankie are battling for a chance to win this holiday special.


Tiffany Mitchell is on hand to run the challenges. The Naughty and Nice Challenge has them looking for a key to unlock Santa’s office. Nicole ends up winning right away. She gets to decide which player will sit out of the first Jingle Ball Brawl. After a long deliberation with her fellow houseguests, she chooses Xavier to sit out.


The remaining four will have to search for missing eggnog ingredients. They will need to taste eight different kinds and the one to guess the most correctly will win.


Each one has odd ingredients like sardines, cocktail sauce and mayo. In the end, Taylor wins and advances in the game. She is also able to choose someone to be by her side. After another deliberation, she decides to choose Nicole…..because she know she will be easy to beat. She also need Xavier to take Frankie out of the game.


The second Brawl has the players answer questions about performances seen in the lodge during the competition. The one to answer the most correctly wins. Frankie is in the lead and ends up winning, meaning Britney and Xavier go into Santa’s Showdown.


The Showdown consists of them using ziplines to knock down puzzle pieces from billboards. This would lead to them making a new puzzle out of the pieces.

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Xavier takes the lead while Britney struggles to catch up. However, she is not fast enough to do so and ends up being eliminated.


Finale Thursday, stay tuned!

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