Masterchef Recap for 9/6/2023

Masterchef Recap for 9/6/2023

Masterchef Recap for 9/6/2023

-Brynn earns the final immunity pin of the season and can save one other person…..she chooses Reagan.

-Every team will have to make an elevated BBQ meal. The judges will taste each dish and choose the best and the worst….and there will be an elimination at the end.

-MD seems to be struggling with her seafood BBQ dish and gets stressed out.

-Jennifer is determined to prove herself as a grill master and do well in this challenge….even though she is intimidated by some of her competitors.

-As always, the judges walk around to offer suggestions and commentary to the cooks.

-Grant’s pork chop may be overcooked, and it worries the judges.

-Brynn and Reagan give hilarious commentary.

-Kennedy is upset because her elk (which she made during her audition) is overcooked.

-Before long, it is time for the dishes to be judged.

The Dishes:

-Grant: He made pork chops with polenta and broccolini as a side. It is perfectly cooked (despite the earlier worry!) but they don’t think he needed to add the polenta.

-Kennedy: Her elk, mushroom and carrot puree dish looks amateur and one of her worst dishes in the competition.

-MD: Her red snapper and shrimp dish looks sloppy and unfocused and is overcooked.

– Wayne: His New York strip steak and prawns are cooked perfectly!

-Jennifer: Her Memphis pork chop with mushrooms and sweet potato mash is a bit overcooked and lacks a bit of seasoning.

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-Kolby: His filet mignon, shrimp, corn and sweet potato is perfectly cooked and packed with flavor.

-Sav: Her whiskey steak with mushrooms, oysters and crab is a complete mess. The steak is a bit undercooked, and the dish is a bit too ambitious.

-The best dish was cooked by….WAYNE!

-Kolby, Jennifer and Grant are also safe.

-MD, Sav and Kennedy are in the bottom three.

-MD is eliminated. She hugs every single person before leaving.


Hour 2!

-This is not only the dreaded wall challenge–where they cook the same dish on opposite sides of the wall–but it is also a double elimination.

-Wayne picks the teams and pairs Kennedy with Sav, Brynn with Kolby, Jennifer with Reagan and himself with Grant.

-The teams spend five minutes in the pantry and come up with their recipes before they separate and begin cooking.

-Grant and Wayne forgot eggs, so they need to figure out another sauce for their dish. They make a mushroom wine sauce, which worries the judges.

-Kolby worries that the fruit sauce for the salmon might not work and send him and Brynn home.

-The kitchens are in chaos with everyone cooking. Nobody seems particularly happy with their dishes and everyone seems to be struggling.

-I give Jennifer so much credit for doing so well at this challenge. She is deaf in one ear and admitted this was going to be a struggle.



-Grant and Wayne: They made filet mignon with mushroom sauce, carrots and potato puree. The dishes are both spot on and despite the sauce not working, it tastes delicious.

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-Jennifer and Reagan: Their scallops with carrot puree and asparagus are mismatched and both have a number of errors. Reagan’s however, is a bit better.

-Sav and Kennedy: Their seared scallops with parsnip puree and spinach match, but Kennedy’s sauce is broken. The scallops are practically perfect, but Kennedy’s have more of an edge.

-Brynn and Kolby: Their salmon with raspberry pear sauce are mismatched and a complete mess. Kolby’s salmon is undercooked. Brynn’s salmon is cooked properly, but under seasoned.


-Kennedy and Sav are safe.

-Wayne and Grant are the winners of the night.

-Brynn and Kolby are eliminated.


More next week, stay tuned!

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