NFL Football Fanatic: Darren McMullen


Darren McMullen came to America ten years ago and fell in love with NFL football. Like many of us, he spends his weekends watching the sport, choosing what team to root for and making bets on who should make it to the Super Bowl.

In fact, Darren loves football SO much that he decided to make a very unique show about the sport. NFL Football Fanatic debuted earlier this month to rave reviews. The show, which airs on Mondays, shows Darren visiting the most popular football cities to get to know fans. While he is there, he learns about how the celebrate each game and traditions on what to do during the games. He also gets to go behind the scenes of each team, living out the dream of every football fan.

So how does Darren describe the show? For the former The Voice Australia host, it is a love story for all those who love football. For him, football is not only something people enjoy watching, but it is also  way for family and friends to come together, which is important. He loved seeing how people bond during the game and learning the back stories of each team. He hopes that fans enjoy learning more about their teams and his adventures in each city.

So what teams does he like? He kept mum about that, but he did say lovely things about the teams he has already seen. (You will have to see each episode to see what that means!) He is also looking forward to seeing more teams in future seasons, including the Pittsburgh Steelers. (He was very excited to learn that I live ten minutes from the stadium!)

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As for the teams he think will make it to the Super Bowl, he says at this point, he is not sure, but he is liking the odds for the Minnesota Vikings. We shall see how they do this weekend, but I know that either way, Darren will be interested to see what happens.

NFL Football Fanatic airs Mondays at 11:05 and 11:35 on USA Network.

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