Battle of the Decades Recap for 8/23/2023

Battle of the Decades Recap for 9/13/2023

Battle of the Decades Recap for 8/23/2023

-Jonathan Bennett introduces our new teams before saying that their dish will be inspired by 1994….the year of Friends, boy band invasion, fat free food and quick meals.


-Wayne Knight from Seinfeld is judging, along with Kathy and Peter Fang.


-Their dish must include a muffin top, Lucky Charms, a boneless/skinless chicken breast and Hidden Valley Ranch dressing…..cooked with a George Foreman grill. (Note: I sooooo miss mine!)


-Derrick and Tessa make schnitzel and waffles, using the cereal as breadcrumbs.


-Dan and Robin make chicken and ranch with cauliflower puree. The latter will have the marshmallows as a sweetening agent.


-It is interesting to see how they use these unusual ingredients to make a gourmet meal.


-Matt and Debbie make a deep-fried chicken katsu with the Lucky Charms as the center of the dish.


-Wayne sharing food memories from Seinfeld is amazing! That show always had good food in each episode.


-Before long, time’s up and the judges must taste their food. They offer pros and cons on each one before deciding who will be eliminated.


-Derrick and Tessa are eliminated.


Round 2!

-The remaining teams must make their own twist on the accordion food craze on TikTok.


-Dan and Robin make their own twist on poutine by using accordion potatoes.


-Matt and Debbie make eolte accordion zucchini.


-As always, the judges give commentary as they walk by and observe their work.

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-Judgement time! They all taste the food and offer the pros and cons of both meals.


-Robin and Dan move to the final round!


Round 3!

-The two guys now make their own version of beef Wellington. Dan makes his in a long version with lamb, while Robin’s is more traditional with some added Korean flavor.


-Both of them struggle a bit but are able to finish everything in time.


-Jonathan has a great time sampling the food as they cook.


-The judges give the pros and cons on each dish before coming to their final decision.




-More next week, stay tuned!


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