Battle of the Decades Premiere Recap for 8/16/2023

Battle of the Decades Recap for 9/13/2023

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Battle of the Decades Premiere Recap for 8/16/2023

-Jonathan Bennett is hosting Battle of the Decades!

-Cooks from every decade are facing off to cook a meal from 2002!

-Antonia Lofaso, her daughter Xea Myers and Nia Vardalos are judging.

-Everyone will be cooking moussaka, inspired by My Big Fat Greek Wedding. They will also need to use Go-Gurt, bacon and a Magic Bullet for it.

-The teams quickly get to work on their food, while Jonathan fangirls over Nia, who says the moussaka story from the first movie was based on her childhood.

-As the teams cook, the judges walk around to see what they are making and to offer their commentary and advice.

-Lamb moussaka meatballs actually sound delightful.

-One of the contestants, a guy named Bruce, is in a band with Duff Goldman.

-Nia is completely fascinated with the Go-Gurt being used in the moussaka.

-I am actually surprised no one made a dirty joke about the Magic Bullet.

-The potato meatball moussaka is such a creative dish. I wish they would slow down so we can see the full recipe.

-While we get snippets of each contestant, we really don’t learn a lot about them as individuals or as teams…even though we get the little blurbs, it goes by way too quickly.

-The judges give pros and cons on each dish and talk about where they would improve.

-Shannon and Bruce and Dave and Todd move on, while Deanna and Gianluca are eliminated.

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Round 2!

-The remaining two pairs will have to make a food based on sushi waffle. Both teams get to work making their own version of the currently trending food.

-Shannon and Bruce make a duck egg pasta frittata and make it in a waffle iron.

-Dave and Todd make a potato pancake waffle with Indian spice.

-The judges once again walk around offering commentary and advice, while Bruce tries to learn modern slang from Shannon.

-Bruce and Shannon struggle with their dish, but finally get it done.

-The judges offer their commentary on each dish, giving pros and cons on where to improve.

-The team going to the final round is…..Shannon and Bruce!!


Round 3!

-Shannon and Bruce now go head-to-head in a macaroni and cheese battle.

-Bruce’s mac and cheese has fresh pasta and lobster involved, while Shannon has Cajun and Parisian gnocchi.

-Bruce wanting to set a good example for his son makes my heart happy.

-Shannon’s gnocchi burns! She scrambles to find a way to fix it.

-Things get under control and Shannon promises to buy Bruce a drink when she wins.

-Before long, time is up and the judges taste each dish. As always, they offer the pros and cons of both.



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