Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 4/19/2023

Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 4/19/2023

Vanderpump Rules Snark and Highlights for 4/19/2023

-Did we seriously have a scene with Brock spelling his name?

-Katie greeting the dogs and ignoring Schwartz is such a mood.

-Schwartz not realizing WHY Katie is upset over the kiss is quite a red flag. It’s not the kiss she is upset about, it is the principle of the matter.

-I did NOT expect Charli to call Raquel out on the kiss, but here we are.

-Raquel doesn’t want to be Debbie Desperado, but is doing the exact same thing with Oliver/to his wife that she is doing with Schwartz/to Katie. I know she doesn’t know Oliver’s wife, but it is the same thing….especially since they are also allegedly not together anymore.

-Sandoval getting angry over the Schwartz and Sandy’s mishaps is totally justified, but he and Schwartz were kind of lax on doing a lot of the work.

-Sandoval defending Raquel and Schawrtz is so not surprising knowing what we know now. He is also super-gaslighting Katie, which is beyond gross.

-This whole cheating and hookup conversation is so surreal, especially with the look on Ariana’s face at the end.

-Did Lisa call out Sandoval for smiling when Raquel sat next to him?

-The body language between Sandoval and Raquel makes it so obvious they were doing it the entire time.

-Lisa making the Toms realize it was not okay to tell Raquel people were calling her a whore made me respect her even more. You just don’t do that.

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-Katie’s potential new man is so cute and his name (Stachel) is awesome.

-Nooooo……Lisa’s horse Rose died. That breaks my heart!!!! It is sweet for the Toms to be there for her and bring her flowers.

-The Toms need a break from one another because their fighting is not only going to destroy their friendship, but also their businesses, which will cause them to lose their money.

-Sandoval and Ariana planning for potential kids (despite him being a jerk in his confessional) makes Scandoval even sadder. I also hate the fact that he is so rude to her for having her own opinion.


-I love Lisa’s rose too, but it is so hard to find….also the Rinna shade was ::chef’s kiss::

-Wait….does Garcelle not know Oliver is cheating or does she not care?

-Ah, so he is telling everyone, INCLUDING HIS OWN MOTHER, that he is separated. How….totally disrespectful.

-Wait, wait, wait….ALLY SAW SANDOVAL AND RAQUEL TOGETHER DANCING AT THE ABBEY, WHATEVER THAT IS? How did she and James stay so quiet for so long.

-This is why you ALWAYS DO A FULL-ON BACKGROUND CHECK ON SOMEONE BEFORE A DATE. The make out, while wrong in retrospect, can almost be forgiven since she truly didn’t know, but after that, everything is on her.

-Raquel calling to say sorry to Oliver’s wife was the right thing to do….but she went on to have an affair with Sandoval….I can’t with her.

-Scheana saying she needs more wine to get through this is such a mood, but she is right, people are going to drag her on social media.

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-Lala giving commentary on Raquel being a mistress is so on brand for her.

-WHOA….GET IT, KATIE!!! Satchel seems to make her happy!

-Was it necessary to show Schwartz in the bathtub?

-This Oliver thing is so painful to watch….but I do think Raquel leaving the date was the right thing to do. I would have ordered something super expensive and gotten it to go, but I am petty like that. I also would have finished my Moscow Mule as well.

-I don’t understand why Raquel needs to talk to Lala?

-Did Katie bring up Abbeygate too….and no one thought to question it?

-Raquel, you’ve been single for thirty seconds…..take several seats, girl!

-More next week, stay tuned.

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