Snake Oil Recap for 10/4/2023

Snake Oil Recap for 10/4/2023

Snake Oil Recap for 10/4/2023

-Tonight’s contestants are Tony and Bri. They will be paired with Dwight Howard and Adam DeVine, respectively.

-Bri and Adam choose the Studly Studfinder…which is used to help hang things on walls. They question the inventor and think that if it isn’t real, it should be!

-Their second product is the Pigcasso, which is artwork made by pigs. The inventor is also questioned by the duo.

-Bri and Adam think that Pigcasso is real and invest $5,500 in it. Their rivals have the chance to poach.

-Pigcasso is….REAL!

-Tony and Dwight did not poach.

-The Studfinder is actually a grandma who is in an all-female motorcycle club.

-Tony and Dwight choose The Manfork and Turners Mattress Turners.

-The Manfork is just a big fork for men. The Turners Mattress Turners is….two dudes flipping mattresses.

-Both inventors are questioned before the guys decide to invest in Turners Mattress Turners for $7,000.

-Bri and Adam have the chance to poach.

-IT IS SNAKE OIL… they lose that money.

-Bri and Adam did not poach.

-Big investment time!

-Fridgelok 2.0 is a lock that prevents people from eating too much if they didn’t reach their fitness goals.

-EyeBandz is a headband and reading glasses in one.

-Both inventors are questioned before Tony and Dwight invest in the glasses.

-Bond Heart lets you have the heartbeat of your loved ones in a piece of jewelry.

-Chili con Carnivore is canned exotic chili with exotic meat.

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-Bri and Adam invest in Bond Heart.

-The glasses are REAL! They invested $42,000 and end up with $85,000.

-Bri and Adam invested $43,000 in Bond Heart….and make it to the final round!

-The two of them check out five products and must decide which is real and which is snake oil.

-Subsoccer: Real. Gear Hoodies: Real. Miss Fortunes: Real. Re-timer: Real. That’s Our Baby: Snake Oil

-Bri loses, but goes home with $49,250.

-More next week, stay tuned.

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