The Real Housewives of New York City Snark and Highlights for 7/16/2023

The Real Housewives of New York City Snark and Highlights for 8/20/2023

The Real Housewives of New York City Snark and Highlights for 7/16/2023

-All-new RHONY season with an all-new cast.

-It seems like we are just getting to know the ladies so far….I am not sure who is who yet so bear with me.

-Talking about a kid’s explosive diarrhea seems….almost normal despite being TMI.

-These women seem like normal moms and wives so far.

-Wait, we already have drama about a dinner….that we never even saw….hopefully, we will get more information on this….otherwise it is stupid to bring it up.

-There is also drama about a get together, which, again, we never saw.

-I am trying to get to know the women, so far I know Jenna is a publicist and Erin has a cute brother and comes from an Israeli family.

-At least Erin and her husband aren’t having a vow renewal….those are bad luck in this franchise.

-I find it so weird when people go into the bathroom while their significant others are in there….maybe I just like my privacy, but it is creepy.

-We seem to have a lot of drama so far, but since this is the first episode, we have no idea what the origin of said drama is yet.

-Jenna’s obsession with cheese is such a mood.

-Jenna’s shoe closet is to die for…..if I ever make it big, I would love this closet.

-Apparently the women were supposed to wear black or khaki, but everyone is in black because they think khaki is like chinos….at least according to Jenna.

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-Brynn seems like she is the villain in Erin’s eyes…but as per usual, we have no clue why except it involves her apparently making other plans and bailing on her?

-The women talking like girlfriends….about porn, shopping, sex, food etc… just so refreshing and normal.

-The fact that Erin and Brynn talked about their issues away from the other girls was actually refreshing to see because the other women didn’t get into the drama.

-The women making up and then looking at the shoes is such a wonderful thing to see….except for when they broke Jenna’s chair.

-The fake out was hilarious!

-This group seems to be a lot of fun and more realistic than the other franchises and the OG RHONY.

-More next week, stay tuned


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