The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for the Season 13 Premiere

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for the Season 13 Premiere

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for the Season 13 Premiere


The season 13 premiere of The Real Housewives of New York City opens with the ladies living life in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


She got a new dog named Angel and upgraded her apartment. She is also converting to Judaism. She tells  her family and asks them for forgiveness regarding her past behavior.

Later on, she and Eboni head to Sonja’s party, where Leah talks about seeing Ramona for the first time since the reunion. However, she is willing to move forward.



She is now closer to LuAnn because they are living in the same neighborhood. The two of them hang out and bond while redecorating the new apartment.

Ramona is impressed with the ‘new’ LuAnn and how she is a better person. They toast with a non alcoholic beverage now that LuAnn is re-committed to being sober.

As they eat their dinner, they talk about how worried they are about Sonja, since she seems to have gone MIA.



She thinks masks is a fashion faux pas and hates going out. However, she moved and now lives closer to Ramona.

When she visits Ramona, she toasts to her sobriety and shares a new drink she found that is an alternative to wine. She is thrilled that she can live her life without alcohol.

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They also see LuAnn’s ex-husband Tom’s place from her balcony and freak out.



She is a new Housewife and friend of Leah’s. The two of them meet at the park for a socially distance coffee date, where they talk about their love lives.

The funniest topic? To poop or not to poop at a guy’s house. Leah is anti-pooping, Eboni is pro-pooping. Leah even says she broke up with a guy for farting…..alllll righty then.

Later on, Eboni meets up with one of her friends for wine and talks about her life as a lawyer and TV host. (As an aside, I have to say she is incredibly bright and inspirational. She is a sweetie to boot!)



She has enjoyed the alone time she has had during the quarantine, but is now ready to get back into action. Her intern Zoe is on hand to help her….use her bathtub? She seriously has her fill her tub with water and bubbles and gets in….RIGHT IN FRONT OF ZOE!!!  Then she does a FaceTime call with Leah, who is also in the tub.

Sonja invites her to her place for an event and tells her to bring Eboni.



Everyone gathers at Sonja’s for  the party. Of course, it ends up with Leah and Sonja talking trash about Ramona. However, the most exciting part is seeing Sonja’s pets.

Sonja talks about how her Century 21 deal crashed due to the pandemic causing the stores to go into bankruptcy.

Eboni talks about her past relationship and how she is now focusing on her goals.

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Ramona and LuAnn join the party and are greeted with hugs, kisses and introductions to Eboni.

LuAnn immediately discusses her new man and dating life, which leads to the women sharing their own love life stories. However, things get weird when Sonja suggests Eboni get off her birth control so her new man can get her pregnant.

The night ends with them having dessert and continuing to bond.

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