The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for Putting the Tiff in Tiffany’s

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for Putting the Tiff in Tiffany's

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for Putting the Tiff in Tiffany’s

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 13, Episode 4 opens right where we left off last week….with Sonja and Ramona fighting over Sonja’s drinking. Sonja keeps screaming and throwing things while saying she has friends and financial stability, while Ramona does not.

Ramona storms out of the restaurant, with LuAnn following her to calm her down. However, it does not go over too well, so LuAnn leaves.

Leah comforts Sonja as Ramona comes back into the room. She comforts Sonja as well, even though she is more or less done with her.

Everyone else leaves. Ramona tries to comfort Sonja, even though she says she is done with her.

The next morning, LuAnn exercises, while Leah calls her sister. Sarah says their mom wants them to talk to their grandma about how she is feeling about her, which Leah isn’t sure about.

Eboni is on the phone with her mom and talking about her own grandma, who doesn’t seem to have the best quality of life. They are trying to decide what to do and how to handle things.

Ramona and Sonja discuss what happened the night before, but Sonja isn’t making any sense. She begins talking about her family moving away and her daughter being on her own. Ramona understands her loneliness, which leads to them hugging and crying together.

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Later on that day, Ramona preps for her event. It is traditional and elegant, which is the complete opposite of Leah’s Burning
Man event earlier that week.

As she works, she fills LuAnn in on what is going on with Sonja, who is hanging out by the stairs.

Leah and Eboni come downstairs, with Leah asking the event planners how they can work for Ramona. This causes a fight between Leah and Ramona, with Leah ranting and raving to Eboni and Sonja.

Ramona, for her part, rants and raves to LuAnn.

LuAnn’s boyfriend Garth arrives, with Sonja being snarky to and about him. He seems unruffled as he goes to greet the dogs and other ladies.

Garth leads Ramona, LuAnn and Sonja in a workout, while Leah and Eboni do glam treatments. Afterward, they all get ready to shuck oysters, but LuAnn quips that she would rather shuck Garth.

Everyone leaves to shuck oyster, which starts of pleasantly enough in the car. They all discuss the types of men they like, which eventually leads to some guff between LuAnn and Sonja over Garth and Tom. The ladies text each other over the drama since Leah took a vow of silence and it seems like they are all done with it.

Sonja begins to cry, so she and LuAnn end up hugging it out. LuAnn even tells Sonja that she will be the first one she will call if she needs a threesome partner.

When they arrive to shuck the oysters, they are given a lesson on each type and species of oyster they have, as well as some to practice on. Ramona quips about the price of oysters, which leads to a fun conversation between her and they oyster men.

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The ladies have a blast shucking, but would rather just eat them on the half shell. They drink while shucking and talk about Heather, who will be arriving later. Leah is worried since Heather talks about the ladies to the press, but Ramona defends her and says that she is a good person.

When everyone gets home, they wash up and dress in their Breakfast at Tiffany’s best. While they get ready, Heather arrives, which causes some tension with Leah. She says she is not in the mood to be fake. She is also dressed in vintage Versace rather than Audrey Hepburn chic.

Eboni likes Heather right away because she asks questions none of the other ladies bothered to ask.

The ladies mingle while Ramona gets everyone drinks. She tells the chef how to pour the drinks in order to not waste any and then calls everyone to the table.

The peace is short lived because Leah immediately starts in on Heather for things she said about the other ladies and on her podcast.  There is a bit of fighting, but LuAnn and Heather eventually call a truce.

The topic switches to sex, which annoys Ramona and entertains Sonja. Ramona even leaves the room and talks to the chef, saying she has elegance and class.

More next week, stay tuned!

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