The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for A High Rate of Interest

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for A High Rate of Interest

The Real Housewives of New York City Recap for A High Rate of Interest

Tonight’s episode of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City opens with Sonja and Ramona looking back on the previous night’s activities. They agree that Eboni’s Irish goodbye was not a good thing, especially when they seemed to be getting along.

LuAnn tells Eboni the same thing. Eboni, for her part, says she felt uncomfortable with how Ramona treated the staff. She wants to talk to her about it and wonders how things will be going forward.

Leah talks to Ramona about fashion….and they seem to rib on each other’s outfits.

The ladies get into the car for their excursion. Sonja is impressed that LuAnn introduced herself to the driver as LuAnn and not Mrs. de Lesseps. As they drive, the topic switches to va jay jays, which is quite interesting, to say the least.


They all arrive to a wine tasting. The place is gracious enough to offer sparkling lemonade and water for LuAnn and Leah. LuAnn even has her special bottle of non alcoholic wine for the occasion.

As they all drink and eat snacks, Eboni brings up the ‘help’ comment Ramona made to the staff. Ramona feels as is she was being condescending, but they clink glasses anyway.

The topic switches to COVID and how Ramona donated plasma. Sonja says that she didn’t because it wasn’t on Instagram. This causes a debate on whether or not she actually donated or if she is lying.

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Ramona storms off to the bathroom. LuAnn checks in on her, which Ramona finds annoying….because she has the runs.



Everyone continues to talk about Ramona, while LuAnn tries to have a post pooping talk with Ramona, who decides to go on a stroll. Sonja joins her, while the other women talk smack about Ramona.

Ramona, for her part, vents to Sonja. She screams, which she says makes her feel better.

As they walk, Sonja gets hit on. She finds this flattering and goes to brag to the other women.

Ramona goes back to the table with Sonja, where they talk things out…calmly this time. They leave….but not before taking the food with them, because you never leave lobster behind.



Things are better in the car on the way to go shopping and have dinner, where they drink and talk about Garth.

The shopping trip seems to go well, despite the fact that there are comments about who should be cut off from wine.

However, things once again turn sour when Leah discovers Heather is coming. She doesn’t think she should be there due to the ‘LuAnn does hard drugs’ debacle.

LuAnn decides to spoil Sonja because she is worried about her spiraling. Ramona, on the other hand, thinks there is trouble ahead.



At dinner, the ladies order drinks or mocktails and toast to a good day. LuAnn is a bit agitated, so she goes out to have a cigarette to calm her nerves. When she gets back, she explains to Leah why she left for a few moments and how certain things make her agitated.

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Leah calls LuAnn out for drinking her fake wine. She tells her it is probably not a good idea to drink it all the time, so LuAnn basically says it is the pot calling the kettle black, since Leah insisted on having a mocktail.

The topic switches to cancel culture. Eboni says that in this group, they will talk things out instead of canceling each other.

Things take on a sour turn when Sonja seems a bit tipsy and Ramona cuts her off. Leah reads some things Heather said about the group online, which makes things even worse.



The ladies video chat Garth, who says hi to everyone. Sonja continues to spiral and ends up video chatting William. After she hangs up, she babbles about economic issues and begins screaming about the charity work she has done.

Everyone worries about Sonja spiraling even more, especially when she calls William again and makes him talk to Eboni.

Things get even worse when Sonja gets into a fight with Ramona and accuses her of insulting her family.

More next week, stay tuned!




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